Clam Lake News & Events

Good Monday Morning Readers..

I got a call from Lynne Rice last week and this being Labor Day Weekend that means the Glidden “Area” Historical Museum will be opening it’s doors at the Glidden Fair this weekend. The museum will be open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday with the Grand Opening on Sunday. Lynne has worked very, very hard on the Clam Lake portion of the exhibit and urges all those who live in Clam Lake to come to Marion Park and check out the exhibits this weekend.

Here are your September Birthdays:
9-01 Lisa Street
9-02 Jeri Cornell/ Judi VanCamp
9-03 Kelly Griffaw-Williams
9-05 Shirley Kohnen
9-06 Mason Hollister
9-07 Shiloh Gifford
9-09 Connie Wiener
9-11 Richard Hogue
9-14 Bob Schmidt/ Craig Neilson
9-15 Jacob Miroslaw
9-16 Janet McCloud/ Brooke Swearingen/ Pete Eickermann
9-18 Dan Allen
9-19 Steve Alf
9-27 Tammy McFadden/ Linda Glafcke
9-28 Taylor McFadden/ Jim Wilbur
9-30 Ron Vecchie/ Debra Higgins/ Greg Reinders
Anniversary Wishes go out to:
9-02 Ron and Cheryl Miller
9-02 Chris and Kelly Williams
9-19 John and Beth Francois
9-23 Brian and Tawnya Hulstrom
9-25 Clark Jr. and Kathleen Jorgenson
Now matter what you are celebrating we all hope it is a fantastic day!!!

Birthday correction..Cheryl Miller will celebrate her birthday on 8-31-18

Until next time…Be Grateful..Be Kind!