Hello Clam Lake!

With the coming of Labor Day, we know the summer season is winding down. As always, it’s been a busy one in our village with the comings and goings of all those visitors enjoying our forest and the many things it has to offer.

Of course, the Labor Day weekend means Fair time in Glidden. The Glidden Area Historical Museum will be open all three days of the weekend running from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Stop in and see the Clam Lake exhibit along with many historical items that have come from Clam Lake and the surrounding area. Hope to see you there!

NOTE FROM MAKALA REUKEMA – Makala would like to remind everyone that the Glidden Emergency Medical Services will be holding a Brat Feed running from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Friday September 1st in front of the Jacobs Town Hall in Glidden. This will be a kick off to the Labor Day festivities. Come and support our area emergency medical service!!! You can attend the street dance following if so inclined as well. Sounds like fun!

ST. GEORGE CHAPEL – The final Mass of the 2023 summer season at St. George Chapel of Clam Lake will be celebrated on Saturday, September 2nd at 6:00 pm. This is your last chance for the year to come and enjoy our historic log cabin “Chapel in the Pines”. The old bell will ring out one last time to let everyone know services are about to begin. We thank all those that have helped in the running and maintenance of St. George over the season. As always, it takes a village and we can be proud of our village and the people in it whom step up to keep St. George running as efficiently as it has for the past 74 years. Thank you!

HISTORY MOMENT – One of my joys in researching Clam Lake’s past over the past decade has been finding those lost treasures from a bygone era. Postcards sent depicting our area as it was a long time ago are wonderful to find and share. I especially enjoy anything to do with Camp Fire Island since that is where Clam Lake’s “story” began. Late last year, one such old treasure “found” me. The postcard image shows a photo of Camp Fire Island Resort, Glidden, Wisconsin. Whenever I see the Island labeled with a Glidden or Grand View address I know the photo was taken before 1928 when our Post Office went in. This post card was sent in August of 1911 – making it one of my earliest denoting the Island as a Resort or Camp. It was sent by a young man named Grover to a lady he seemed to be courting from Plover, Wisconsin. This is what he had to say 112 years ago. “Hello there! How are you? Received your card. It did look funny to see you fall in that hole. I didn’t laugh though – felt sorry for you kid. I suppose you will be in for the circus on the 16th ! (Apparently referring to her acrobatic skills.) Better come over. Saving a lot of those pictures for you. Ha! Ha! Lovingly, Grover.” As a postscript on the front of the card he has written, “Better come to Rudolph’s place for the dance Thursday eve!” One can hope that she did!

Time to wish all those celebrating birthdays in September a very happy day! They are:

September 1st – Lisa Street
September 2nd – Jeri Cornell and Judy VanCamp
September 3rd – Kelly (Griffaw) Williams
September 5th – Shirley Kohnen
September 6th – Mason Hollister
September 8th – Connie Weiner
September 9th – Jason Eder
September 11th – Richard Hogue and Dottie Bartholomew
September 12th – Mike Anderson
September 14th – Nancy Ransom
September 15th – Jacob Miroslaw
September 16th – Tasha McFadden, Janet McCloud and Emerson Gerhardt
September 18th – Dan Allen and Paxton and Kye Christopherson (twins)
September 19th – Pete Eickermann
September 21st – Jaxson Eder
September 24th – Sven Fiecke, Karbin Wallace and Jayne Bay
September 25th – Connie Schloer
September 27th – Tammy McFadden and Linda Glafcke
September 28th – Randy (Gandhi) Sersch
September 29th – Jim Wilbur and Taylor McFadden
September 30th – Greg Reinders, Debra Higgins and Ron Vecchie
Those celebrating wedding anniversaries in September are:

September 2nd – Chris and Kelly Williams and Ron and Cheryl Miller
September 4th – Alason (Vecchie) and Tad Peters
September 15th – Tom and Linda Glafcke
September 18th – Tammy (Eder) and Andy Melcher
September 19th – John and Beth Francois
September 29th – Richard and Makala Reukema

We hope they have a wonderful day!

Until next week…..

Pictured is the post card image of Camp Fire Island Resort sent in 1911.