Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Most of this week saw us sitting with warm and humid weather for company. After a bit of rain and storminess on Friday the weekend dawned dry with cooler more Fall like temps. There sure has been a reduction in hummingbirds over the past few weeks! Our little friends are heading south. Remember to keep those feeders out for birds passing through that need to bulk up with energy as they travel.

ST. GEORGE’S CHAPEL: This coming Saturday will be the last Mass of the season celebrated at St. George’s Chapel, our historic “Chapel in the Woods.” Time to “come pray with us” one last time before the doors close for the year. The final Mass of the summer season will be said Saturday evening, September 5th, at 6:00 pm. Even though we had to deal with a few of God’s woodland creatures deciding to join us during our Saturday services, what more can one expect from a forest dwelling? Can’t fault them for wanting to pray too, I guess. As we close, we wish to thank everyone that helped make St. George’s a safe and beautiful place to worship in 2020! See you next year!

GET WELL WISHES go out to Karen Schmidt of Green Valley Arizona (formerly of Clam Lake) whom is undergoing back surgery. We wish her a speedy recovery and hope she feels better soon. Take care old friend! Thinking of you….

DIZ TO THE RESCUE: Our simple log cabin chapel (St. George’s) has never had running water having been built when amenities like that were not always just part of the package. Due to this, St. George’s has always served it’s parishioners with what my mother would have referred to as “an outdoor biffy” or an outhouse. Over the years this simple structure has endured damage due to neglect and animal visitations. We wish to thank Tom Dezotell for taking it upon himself to give the interior a good cleaning along with a fresh coat of paint and installation of a new toilet seat. St. George’s now features a very “spiffy biffy!” Kudos to him!

RESTORATION: Thanks go out to Rich and Makala Reukema for restoring the former Pinehurst main lodge to a semblance of it’s former glory. Rich and crew spent many hours working on the old lodge to turn it into a vacation rental property which seems only fitting considering it’s heritage. The lodge, which comprised living quarters and a bar, was built in 1938 by Hank and Mamie Zillig. It was surrounded by the resort which they also built and ran. In 1949 their daughter, Betty and her husband Rich Snyder, took over management of the resort and bar. After being in the Zillig family for 34 years it was bought by Kent and Lil Stuht in 1972, followed by Jim and Deanna Grajek. Sadly, the last few years have seen it become abandoned and in need of some TLC. Enter Richard and Makala to bring it back to life. Thinking of the “good ole’ days” I have many great memories of being in Pinehurst as a child. With Betty’s talented organ playing it was a place of music and laughter. A special memory is of Betty letting me pet her beautiful Siamese cats. It is wonderful to drive by and see it looking as it once did. Good job!

Until next week….Happy Labor Day!

Pictured is Richard Reukema outside the refurbished Pinehurst.