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Hello Clam Lake!

We have experienced the snow coming and going a few times now. This past week saw us climbing back up into the mid to high 40’s with the patches of white stuff disappearing. Again. I know the businesses and snow enthusiasts are anxious for the snow to stay but, I can’t help saying this has been pleasant. Something tells me we will not get off scott free regarding snow this year. It’ll get there. (Maybe…)

PARTY REMINDER – On Saturday, December 16th Ransoms will be holding their annual “Ugly Sweater Party”. The evening will kick off with Santa’s arrival at 5:00. He will spend time visiting with the children and handing out goodies before he has to leave at 6:00 to be on his way to his next stop. Very busy time of year for the Big Man in Red! Following Santa’s departure, the Ugly Sweater Party will get going in earnest. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 Ugly Sweaters and I’m sure the competition will be fierce – or so one hopes. The party will also feature a gift exchange game. If you wish to participate, please bring a wrapped gift (not white elephant) with a $40 value. (Remember this is optional.) People are also encouraged to bring a snack or treat to share if they care to. Sounds like a great time to mix and mingle with friends and neighbors during the festive holiday season. So, get those sweaters ready!

ELK OF THE SHELF – Once again the Clam Lake Junction is featuring their popular “Elk on a Shelf” event. Everyday a small holiday themed elk is hidden in the public spaces of the Clam Lake Junction waiting to be found. If you are lucky enough to find it your name will be entered into a drawing for a $200.00 Clam Lake Junction gift certificate. Good luck to all those “hunters” out there! (No purchase is necessary to “hunt”.)

CAUTION ON THE ROADS – Several large groups of elk have been spotted grazing alongside the roads as of late. As we know, caution is needed this time of year when the animals make their way to feast on the remaining grasses and plant matter. Although our elk don’t seem to be creatures that dart in and out of the forest like deer, they still present a hazard as they often get close to the roads or stand in them. Often times cars find themselves meandering through a herd that presents itself on both sides of the road. All one can say, is caution, caution and more caution. You never know when one will decide it is time to visit a friend across the road. Last week, one of this year’s calves fell victim to a vehicle on Highway 77. This was an area where a large group is often seen as you head out of Clam Lake. It definitely does happen! So, take care.

ON A BRIGHTER NOTE – Rob Sparhawk was able to film a group of about 20 of the Moose Lake elk herd running and playing in an open field. They sure looked like they were having a good time in the fresh snow.

Until next week….

Pictured is a bull elk surveying his world during a new snow. (Snapshot photo)

Clam Lake, WI Bull Elk