Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

This past week were days of warm (for late November) days and sunny skies. Nice! From what I am hearing more is on the way. I can handle it.

PARTY REMINDER – On Saturday December 16th Ransoms will once again be hosting their popular “Ugly Sweater Party”. The evening will get off to a rousing start with the arrival of, none other than Mr. Claus himself, at 5:00 pm. He will be in attendance until 6:00 to visit with the kids and hand out goodies. Then it will be time to get down to business with the Ugly Sweater Party and contest. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 Ugly Sweaters and there will be a gift exchange game if you wish to participate. If so, please bring a wrapped gift (not white elephant) with a $40 value. (Remember this is optional.) You may also bring a snack or treat to share if you wish. Sounds like a great time to visit with neighbors and friends as they bring on the holiday cheer! So, get those sweaters ready!

MORE HOLIDAY FUN – ELK ON THE SHELF RETURNS – The Clam Lake Junction is holding their annual “Elk on the Shelf” game for all who wish to participate. Each day a small toy elk donned with a red hat and scarf is hidden in the public spaces of the Clam Lake Junction. If you are lucky enough to find it your name will be entered into a drawing for a $200 Clam Lake Junction gift certificate. Always fun to test one’s hunting skills as you wander the confines of the Junction. Good luck to all those that join in! (Remember, no purchase is necessary to “hunt”.)

PBS WISCONSIN – WISCONSIN’S SCENIC TREASURES – The latest episode of PBS Wisconsin’s show titled “Wisconsin’s Scenic Treasures” features the Northwoods. In this episode one can view the many natural wonders and creatures of our world as seen through the eyes of filmmakers. Even our Clam Lake elk very graciously agreed to be on camera for this episode. Our thanks go out to them and to Jim and Kate Brinkman for allowing the filmmakers to visit their back yard where they were residing at the time. You can check it out at PBS Wisconsin’s – “Wisconsin’s Scenic Treasures: Northwoods”.

HISTORY MOMENT – The CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps – 1933 – 1942) was a moment in history that is fondly remembered by many. It came about as part of FDR’s New Deal that formed programs to help families during the Great Depression. The men that enrolled were paid $30 a month ($710 today) with $25 ($590) being sent home to help their families. They were allowed to keep $5 ($120) for themselves. In our area there were several of these camps which processed a lot of men through their doors. Men enrolled for 6 month terms and were allowed to re-enroll at the end of their term up to a 2 year maximum. Usually there were about 125 men at each camp at any given time. Here is a list of the ones nearest us – Camp Beaver (Clam Lake located on GG South), Camp Cable, Camp Chippewa River at Loretta, Camp Clam Lake (located on Highway 77 heading towards Glidden), Camp Ghost Creek (Clam Lake located on 77 going towards Hayward), Camp Loretta, (GG South), Camp Mineral Lake (GG north), Camp Moose River ( Camp Glidden – near the Halfway on Highway 77) and Camp Morse. The men of the CCC (termed Roosevelt’s “Army of the Forest”) were responsible for replanting the land decimated by the logging era that is the Chequamegon National Forest that we know today.

Until next week…..

Pictured is a scene from Camp Clam Lake. (Photo taken by Alfred Stuebe. Notice the absence of tall trees due to the logging era.)