Clam Lake News & Events

Our Sincerest Sympathies go out this week to Linda and Tom Glafcke and their family as Linda’s Mom recently passed away. You are all of our Thoughts and Prayers..

As you make out those last minute cards for the people you forgot don’t forget to make out cards for the following Friends and Neighbors who are having January Birthdays and Anniversaries..

01/01/2019 Gail McDonell
01/02 Morgan Keany
01/08 Danielle and Michael Nielson
01/09 Alana Vecchie/Dan Cornell
01/13 Mickey Dumanch
01/16 Gordon Reinders celebrates his 91st Birthday!!
01/22 Lief Hulstrom turns 15!!
01/26 Dan Rein
01/29 Kenlyn Estelle Heer
01/31 Lisa Heer
01/08 Jerry & Patti Renzelmann celebrate their Anneversary

No matter what you are celebrating we all hope it’s a Very Happy Day!!

I hope EVERYONE has a Healthy, Happy and Safe New Year!!

Until next time..Be Kind!!