Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Well, after a week of fairly mild temps – for late November – we ended the week with temps going down with a light skiff of snow to remind us that winter is on its way. As we conclude another deer season, the general consensus is that numbers of both hunters and deer were down compared to past years. The times are a-changin’ I guess.

UGLY SWEATER PARTY – On Saturday December 16th Ransoms Place will once again be hosting their annual “Ugly Sweater Party”. To get the evening rolling Santa will be on hand from 5:00 to 6:00 to visit with the children and hand out goodies. Get those lists ready kids! Following that, at 6:00, the Ugly Sweater Party will begin with prizes awarded to the top 3 Ugly Sweaters. There will also be a gift exchange game. If you wish to participate in that, please bring a wrapped gift (not white elephant) with a $40 value. Remember this is optional. People are also encouraged to bring snacks or treats to share. Sounds like a great time to get into that holiday spirit and have some fun with neighbors and friends. So, get those sweaters ready!!!

COMMUNITY CENTER UPDATE – You know what they say about “the best laid plans”. When the guys arrived to finish the last of the siding on the front, what to their wondering eyes should appear? – that we were three (yes, only three!) boards short. So, we put in our order and await their arrival so that part of the work can be completed. (Insert a collective sigh.) The inside is coming along nicely with the ceiling and fans up. Looks good guys! Thank you! Stop by and take a look inside!

A LIFE WELL LIVED – Sympathies go out to Lea and Jerry Justice on the passing of a much beloved member of our community, Brownie Justice. Brownie was a springer spaniel who loved life and all those that shared it with her whether it be cats, other dogs or the humans she came into contact with. She was the gentlest of creatures always presenting herself with a smile on her face by way of greeting. Whatever activity was going on she was more than happy to participate in. She emanated joy. Often, upon meeting her, she would gently bump her rump against your leg requesting a good “butt scratch” – one of her favorite things. Her best friend was Jerry Justice, whom she decided, was her person. Her and Jerry spent many hours together taking walks and generally enjoying each other’s company. Where went Jerry, so went Brownie. Brownie is survived, not only by the humans she shared a home with, but also her two feline companions, Darby and Little Guy. She will be so missed. Brownie was 13.

Time to wish all those celebrating birthdays in December a very happy day! They are:

December 1st – Ally Anderson
December 2nd – Sam Tetzlaff and Rocko Fanella
December 3rd – Brandon Conley
December 9th – Jack Cook and Rob Sparhawk
December 11th – John Cannon
December 12th – Marla Wheelan
December 13th – Terese Bailey and Hayes and Eli Gerhardt
December 14th – Roger Anderson
December 15th – Dan Cornell
December 18th – Tom (Doc) Chisholm – turning 93 years young!
December 20th – Alizey Eickermann

Couples celebrating wedding anniversaries in December are”

December 12th – Tim and Tammy McFadden
December 29th – Paul and Susan Eickermann

We hope they enjoy their special day!!!

Until next week…..

Pictured is Brownie Justice