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Hello Clam Lake!

Well….we did get our “Brown Christmas” after all. In all my years here (54) I can’t remember a Christmas that was totally without snow but this year we did it! In fact, rather than snow we had rain and 50 degrees on Christmas Day. Some were posting pictures of being outside on Christmas Day with shorts on or walking barefoot in the mud – just because they could. Fun! Although it did cool down as the week approached the New Year we still didn’t have any measurable snow with above average temps being the order of the day. Will this be the year that we just don’t do winter? Maybe…..(As a side note – I did talk with our resident weatherman Jack McGregor and he said in order for it be deemed a “Brown Christmas” there has to be less than an inch of snow on the ground. So, although some have been recorded in the past they may have had a half inch or some clumps here and there. This year? NOT!)

ALSO ON THE WEATHER FRONT – Jack did say this is what is considered a “correction year” regarding our mild (so far!) winter. With last year being one of the most severe on record, typically, the following year Mother Nature puts herself on “auto correct” and tries to make up for past wrongs. Amen!

CONGRATULATIONS – go out to Tad and Alason (Vecchie) Peter on the birth of their daughter, Bonnie Noel, born on Christmas Eve. Proud grandparents are seasonal Clam Lakers Ron and Colae Vecchie. Congrats!

RAFFLE REMINDER: On Saturday, January 13th, the Forest Riders Snowmobile Club will be hosting a meat raffle at Ransoms Place running from 3:00 to 5:00. Although this club has not had to be out grooming this year – so far! – they continue to work keeping the trails cleared and ready for whenever Mother Nature decides to send us some snow so the season can begin. So, time to come out and support this hard working club, have some fun and win some delicious meat in the process. (Remember all meats come from Rondeaus in Cable – Yum!)

CAUTION REMINDER – Once again, I want to remind people to keep an eye out for elk when on our roadways. With the warmer weather tender grasses are still available along the roadsides for snacking so there they will be. Although our elk don’t dart back and forth on roadways like deer they do tend to just stand along the sides or on the road itself seeming in no hurry to move along. A motorist’s best bet is to keep an eye out and stop and wait if one is sighted by the road. When I was out and about last week there was one on 77 that had traffic stopped. As I approached it skipped across the road to soon be followed by a companion that was hidden in the trees. As I said….caution, caution and more caution. Hitting a 700 pound animal is not what one wants to be doing.

Until next week….

Pictured is Kim Filter, in shorts, walking her dog (Spyro) on Christmas Day 2023.