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Hello Clam Lake!

Well, we’ve got another mild week under our belts. No new snow and temps in the 20’s with some low 30’s here and there. Normally we’d be dealing with below zero temps this time of year. Can’t say that I mind this “abnormality” although I realize the winter sports enthusiasts are wishing for a different scenario. One thing I’m sure all of us have noticed– the frost (know as rime ice) on the trees has been absolutely gorgeous with much of the forest looking like a winter wonderland.

REMINDER: Free covid-19 testing is available every Wednesday from 9:00 to 1:00 at the Winter Fire Hall. This is for anyone over the age of five. If you are experiencing symptoms are have been exposed please get a test to protect your health and that of your neighbors. Thank you!

TRAIL UPDATE: According to Randy Sersch the Ashland County snowmobile trails are closed due to poor conditions. The Bayfield County trails remain open.

ICE FISHNG CONTEST REMINDER: The Elk Country ATV Club will be holding their 13th annual ice fishing contest on Saturday January 16th. Due to covid-19 concerns social distancing will be required when registering and no food will be served this year. Beer, soda and hot chocolate will still be available for purchase as will be raffle tickets for the many prize drawings that will take place over the entire day. The culmination will be the drawing announcing the winner of a brand new ATV. Throughout the years, this has always been a very popular event in and around the surrounding communities. It is also an event that already puts social distancing in the forefront due to the very nature of the sport. So, come enjoy a day outdoors and hopefully catch some fish and win some prizes! The contest runs from 8:00 am till 3:00 pm. Hope to see you there! (As a side note: Ransoms will be open at 7:00 am to purchase bait.)

CLAM LAKE COMMUNITY CLUB ANNUAL LETTER UPDATE: The Clam Lake Community Club is entering into it’s 84th year of operation. It was incorporated in 1937 – before that it was known as the Clam Lake Community Association with it’s meetings and functions held at the Clam Lake school house or at the “once upon a time” resort on Camp Fire Island. This is Clam Lake’s only civic organization and has provided both a place for civil business and social gatherings over it’s many years. It’s members have been involved with bringing everything from telephone and electric service to fire protection to our small forest community. We thank the members for their continued support and wish to invite anyone to join. Dues remain at $10.00 for a single membership or $25.00 for family membership. Dues can be sent to the Clam Lake Community Club, PO Box 6, Clam Lake WI 54517 Thank you!

WINTER BEARS: Do bears get up and walk around in the winter? According to elk biologist Josh Speigel, the answer to that question is yes! Bears are not considered true hibernators such as chipmunks and other small mammals that go underground and sleep for the entire winter. Bears will find a den area – possibly something they used in previous years or a new location they have found but, may not stay in that den all winter. Their sleeping patterns are governed by temperature rather than time. If the winter days are warm they will wake up and walk around. They need consistent cold weather to go to sleep and stay asleep. And, more than likely, it will be boars or young bears without cubs that will leave their dens for a walk about on a warm day. Mother bears tend to stay in their dens, regardless of weather, to care for their young not wanting to leave them alone too long. Chris Frasch shared a Snapshot photo with me of a young bear going for a stroll on a snowy day. He looks a bit disgruntled as if to say, “What am I doing out here in this??” I’m sure a day in the den was looking better and better to him.

Until next week….

Pictured is the Snapshot photo of a bear walking on a winter’s day. Photos courtesy of Chris Frasch.

Clam Lake, WI Winter Bear in Snow