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Hello Clam Lake!

Our weather has continued to be on the warmer side with several days going above freezing. Even though we did receive a few inches of snow as the week came to an end, we are still way below average regarding snowfall and temperatures. It made for some slushy spots on Upper Clam for the fishing contest but overall, the weather was good for a day on the ice.

REMINDER: Free Covid-19 testing is available every Wednesday at the Winter Fire Hall from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm for all those (over the age of five) wanting a test. If you are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed please get tested to protect your health and that of your friends and neighbors. Thank you!

CLAM LAKE COMMUNITY CLUB ANNUAL REPORT: The Clam Lake Community Club annual letter will be sent off to members within the next couple of weeks. We wish to thank those that continue to support our Club as we head into our 84th year of operation. The Clam Lake Community Club was incorporated in 1937. It is Clam Lake’s only civic organization. Before that it was known as the Clam Lake Community Association (CLCA). Owing to the fact that the CLCA had no clubhouse it’s meetings were often held in the Clam Lake School or officer’s homes. It’s picnics and summer functions were held at the “once upon a time” resort on Camp Fire Island which was run by our founder Howard Scotford. If you wish to join, membership remains at $10 for a single membership or $25 for a family membership. All dues can be sent to the Clam Lake Community Club, Box 6, Clam Lake, WI 54517. Thank you for your support!!!

ELK COUNTRY ATV CLUB’S ICE FISHING CONTEST A SUCCESS: This year’s Elk Country ATV ice fishing contest was a well-attended event with 193 adults and 15 children registered for a day of outdoor fun. On that day, Upper Clam Lake becomes a village unto itself with tents, huts and shanties everywhere. There were whoops and hollers as fish were being caught and many grills going as burgers, brats and other tasty treats were being made. Once again. Ray Brickner III was in attendance bringing his trademark “special dish” for folks to sample. This year’s entree was traditional Cajun Gumbo. Yum! Glidden was also well represented with a large group on the side of the Island happily visiting and catching fish. We are always glad to see them and thank them for their continued support for our day of fish and fun. We also wish to thank the members of the Elk Country ATV Club who put a lot of work into this annual event to make it the success it always is. Thank you!

HISTORY MOMENT – STARS ARE BORN: In 1961 (60 years ago!) Mellen became the setting for a Hollywood movie based on an Ernest Hemmingway story. The movie’s title would be “Adventures of a Young Man” and would star Richard Beymer fresh off his success as Tony in West Side Story. It would also star a lesser known (at the time) actor named Paul Newman. When Hollywood came to town saying they would be needing 300 extras for street scenes people lined up to have a chance at being in the movie. One who was chosen was Ed (Jack) Dumanch of Clam Lake. Here is a comment taken from “A Journey to Mellen” made of his appearance in the film: “When Ed Dumanch of Clam Lake was informed in the Mellen gym that he was wearing a suit belonging to Maverick, a cowboy on television played by James Garner, Dumanch was fit to be tied he was so proud. ‘They hired me on account of my mustache and now I got Maverick’s suit to wear!’ “he exulted. He was a happy man! Ed was the husband of Dodo Dumanch and the father of Mickey and Robin Dumnach.

Until next week….

Pictured are scenes from the 13th Annual Elk Country ATV Club Ice Fishing Contest

The ELK COUNTRY ATV CLUB 13th annual ice fishing contest
Adult fish winners

1. Cole Bay 12 1/4″
2. Cal Wendt 10 3/4″

1. Cole Rabska 10 3/4″
2. Colin Roehl 10″

Blue Gill
1. Heidi Menabasker 7 5/8″
2. Al Guthman 7 1/4″

1. Gopher Bay 31 1/4″
2. Matt Deragen 28 1/2″

1. Matt Deragen 17 1/2″
2. Dustin Bay 16 1/4″”


1. Isack Abell 11″

1. Charlie Cornell 9 1/2″

Blue Gill
1. Natalie Scribner 5 1/2″

1. Natalie Scribner 30 1/2″

1. Mason Runde 24″

1. Marcum M3 Flasher Aaron Mckinny
2. Marcum under water camera Josh Mackmen
3. Drill Unit & ice fishing pole Kramer
4. Ouick Fish 2 & 20 # LP fill Kathy Guthman
5. 6″‘ hand auger & BBQ set Steve Peter
7. Wal-Mart $50 Gift Card Bob Thompson
8. Kwik Trip $50 Gift Card Gary Lindgren
9. $50 From Drop tine Bar & Griill Dick Pankratz
10. Kwick Trip $50 Gift Card Dan Michal
11. Outboard winterizing & 20# LP fill Jackie B
12. Outboard winterizing & LP fill John Wiener
13.Oil change Rhonda Rasumsson
14. Lumberyard plus $30 Dan Cooby
15. Oil change Brennan Staves
16. L&m $30 Gift Card Karen Cox
17. Little Brown Jug $25 Sherri Kooseman
18. $25 wildcat Sallon Matt Ogren
19. $25 Twin Lakes Tap Ozzie Koup
20. $25 Cable Lumber Larry Cristman
21. $25 Loretta Steakhouse Lisa Braun
22. $25 Dead Squirrel You C
23. $25 Heritage Meats Kriss Rasmusson
24. $25 D&D Auto center Found EM Outdoors
25. $25 Anglers Bar & Grill Chris Lubbren
26. $25 Anglers Bar & Grill Regi Derks
27. $25 Black Iron Bar & Grill Rod Eder
28. $25 Frankies Pizza Bill Buchberlser
29. $25 Super One Foods Ron Vecchie
30. $25 Loretta Steakhouse Lyn’s Custom Meats
31. $25 Super One Foods Zach Morgan
32. $25 Northern Lakes Derek Mckay
33. $25 Northern Lakes Regi Derks
34. $20 Coop’s Pizza Brenda Post
35. $20 Lost Land Lake Lodge Andrew Bjork
36. $20 Northern Lure Mike Braun
37. $20 Outdoor Ventures Josh Olson Sr
38. $20 M T Pockets Shannan Annala
39. $20 Coop”s Pizza Jason Klohs
40. $20 High Bridge Oasis Peyton Hepslar
41 $20 Four Corners Bar & Grill Dan Michal
42. $20 Northwoods Bar & Grill Natalie Scribner
43. $20 Outdoors Venture Millisa Hill
44. $20 Coop”s Pizza Rich Good
45. Clam Lake Junction Gift Basket Danhagan
46. $20 Ransom”s Ray Komerk
47. $20 Ransom”s Rhonda Rasmusson
48 $30 Gift Card L&M Micheal Kaminsky
Booze Tud Winner Shannan Annala

ATV Winner Tom Schalinski
2. $200 Lisa Braun
3. $100 Lyn”s Custom Meats
The ELK COUNTRY ATV CLUB would like to thank everyone for supporting our club. Would also like to thank all the businesses for their donations to the contest. Would like to thank all the individuals who donated. In all THANK YOU EVERYONE GREAT CONTEST 193 ADULTS 15 KIDS

Tom (Diz) Dezotell, Dave (Buzz) Scherschel, Brian Eder and Ron Vecchie by Ron’s shanty.
Clam Lake WI Ice Fishing Event 2021
Mike Schnautz and Rob Dezotell by Rob’s enclave.
2021 Clam Lake WI Ice Fishing Contest
Melissa Olson from Elkhorn, WI with her 23 inch Northern
The Glidden crew – Scott Schmidt, Brooklyn and Brieanna Hansen, Terry Jansen, Brad Hansen, Kelly Crom, Derek Bay, Cole Evansen, Trevor Crom, Quinn Olinger, Mike Brunn and Colton Brunn