Clam Lake News & Events

Good Sunday Evening Readers,

It’s 5:46pm and it’s not dark yet.. Everyday we gain another second or is it minute of day light.. even though we didn’t see any sun today it’s still a beautiful sight.

This weekend Clam has a lot going on! First there is the Elk Country ATV Club’s Annual Ice Fishing Contest on Upper Clam Lake.. That’s Saturday, January 19th..Time is from 8am-3pm. There will food and beverages out on the ice and plenty of raffles..Kids division, so bring out the kiddos..Do you have your lucky ticket for that shiny ATV? But, bundle up it’s suppose to a little nippy out there.

Then if you are looking for a place to warm up after the fishing event, The Clam Lake Forest Riders will hold their January Meat Raffle. The meat comes from The Sixth Street Market in Ashland. The time is from 4-6pm.. The place is Ransom’s Place in downtown Clam Lake..So, come on down and not only fill your freezer with fish add some meat too!

If you missed the last potluck dinner/meeting you missed a lot of fun..the food was exceptional and with Ace calling Bingo nobody, not even our table could keep up!! Lynne gave another great history lesson on Rainbow Resort and if you wonder where that is at or what the next “History Lesson with Lynne” will be about, the next month’s Potluck Dinner/Meeting will be held on Thursday, February 14th “Valentine’s Day” at 5pm. So, bake a Valentine fare and hope to see you there..

Next week February Birthday’s and Anniversaries.

Until next time..Be Thankful and Be Kind!