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Hello Clam Lake!

Well, we had a bit of a break from snowfall after snowfall. Now, we are back at it with a night or two of below zero thrown in for good measure. Is winter, after all, and who doesn’t love a good brisk shovel at -10 degrees? Ummm….me. Of course, it is truly a beautiful time of year and, with the new snow., a busy time of year for the village. There are snowmobiles in abundance at the various establishments – gassing up, eating and enjoying some camaraderie. The vacation rental properties are also doing a brisk trade as the “weekend warriors” come to ride in “God’s Country”.

LOOKIN’ GOOD! Zac and Nancy Ransom, of Ransom’s Place, and Steve Landis were Glidden callers last week. While there, they had their hair cut at Tiffaney’s. Lookin’ good folks!

Lots of activity over the weekend in the village. Here’s a bit of a recap;

ELK COUNTRY ATV CLUB 12TH ANNUAL ICE FISHING CONTEST: Saturday morning found Upper Clam sitting with a fresh layer of about 8 inches of snow with it continuing to snow and blow most of the day. Did that stop anything? NO! The temps were just about perfect for a day of fishing and even though trucks were not allowed onto the ice – hence no plowed trails – the contest still had 120 participants. Plenty of ice shacks and tents were on hand with happy fishermen inside with snowmobiles and side by sides zooming all around. When I arrived, I got a ride out in a side by side to visit some shanties by Ray Brickner, President of the 182 Fun Club. This group had the distinction of cooking and serving alligator ribs that they brought up from Florida. Wow! Saw several fish being brought in and spent time in the refreshment tent where one could have brats, hot dogs and Pat Dudley’s delicious homemade chili. Beverages were also on hand. The Club spent many months preparing for the contest rounding up 138 door prizes, 36 fish prizes and 3 different prizes awarded on the ATV ticket. There was also a special ticket for the “Booze Tub” which contained a vast variety of different liquors. What a great day of fishing and fun!

MEAT RAFFLE: Once the Ice Fishing Contest was winding down the Forest Rider’s Meat Raffle at Ransom’s Place was kicking into high gear. It was standing room only for this event. Several snowmobilers from other areas stopped in to enjoy the festivities while out riding the freshly groomed trails. From all accounts, conditions are great! Deb Straetz and Roger Anderson were “back in the saddle” running the meat raffle at their former place of business. Great to see them again! The Glidden crew came out and took home several boxes of meat with Jerry (Flash) Kempf and Kyle Eder being top winners. Congrats to them! Once again we wish to thank all the Glidden folks that come out to participate in our raffles and events. Along with the Glidden boys (GJ Eder, Lucas Eder, Jerry Kempf and Kyle Eder) we welcomed Tiffany Eickermann, Amy Crom, Shannyn Zach, Jill and Ron, Cole Evenson and Dave and Diane Mathe (of Peeksville).

It was a day of winners and fun! Good times in the village.

Until next week…..Keep ‘er movin….and remember if you news to share don’t hesitate to pass it along!

Pictured are highlights from the 12th Annual Elk Country ATV Ice Fishing Contest Thanks to all that participated!

2020 Elk Country ATV Club Raffle Winners & Ice Fishing Contest Winners

1. Marcum under water camera Mike Noskoviak
2. Eskimo stingray ice auger , Dusty’s saloon.
3. Eskimo Quick fish 2, Zach Korger.
4. Hayward Marine inboard or outboard winterize, Diane Roe.
5. Hayward Marine inboard or outboard winterize, Mike Schalinski.
6. $ 50 certificate from Birches Italian steakhouse, Clay Burditt.
7. 1 night stay at seven winds casino an $10 slot play & $10 food discount, Bill Bellom.
8. $50 Gift Card from Wal-mart, Mike Carter.
9. $50 Gift Card from Kwik Trip, Colleen Pankratz.
10. $50 certificate from Birches Italian Steakhouse, Ty Evenson.
11. $25 certificate from Cable Lumber and 20# LP fill from Como, Tim McFadden.
12. $25 Gift Card from Northern Lakes Co-op and 20# LP fill from Como, Jeff L.
13. $25 certificate from Lakewoods Resort and 20# LP fill from Como.
14. $25 certificate from Perkins Restaurant, Linda Sedley.
15. $25 certificate from Blackiron Bar & Grill, Pat Tighe.
16. $25 certificate from Anglers Bar & Grill , Rob Haley.
17. $25 certificate from D&D auto center, Cookie Skutety.
18. $25 certificate from Dead Squirrel Bar, Gerry Olsen.
19. $25 Gift Card from Loretta Steakhouse, Tony Kapel
20. $25 Gift card from L&M leet Supply, Steve Spree.
21. $25 Gift Card from Northern Lakes Co-op, Jim Menert.
22. $25 certificate from Anglers Bar & Grill, Rhonda Rasmussen.
23. $25 Gift Card from Loretta Steakhouse, Tersa Bruso.
24. $25 certificate from Lakewoods Resort, Bill Johnson.
25. $25 certificate from Glidd Inn, Pete Peterson.
26. $25 Gift Card from Loretta Steakhouse, Tony Kapel.
27. $25 Gift Card from Napa , Mike Carter.
28. $25 certificate from Perkins Restaurant, Scott Miller.
29. $20 certificate from DOW’S corner bar, Steve Johnson.
30. $20 certificate from Loon Saloon, Dustin Scribner.
31. $20 Gift Card from Southshore Brewery , Tammy McFadden.
32. $20 Gift Card from Super One, Scott Miller.
33. $20 certificate from Lost Land Lake Lodge, Aubree Wiener.
34. $20 Gift Card from Market Place, Sharron Annola.
35. $20 Gift Card from Southshore Brewery, Kathy Guthman.
36. $20 Gift Card from CARQUEST Dustin Bay

1. Lisa Braun 8 1/2 inches
2. Trevor Spindler 8 3/8 inches

Perch 1. Randy Neff 11 1/4 inches
2. Ashlyn Hilleth 8 inches

1. Jessica Wick 6 1/2 inches
2. Cindy Parsons 6 3/8 inches

1. Dizzy 28 inches
2. Adam Miller & Ken Dergan 27 inches

1. Corey Bruhn 20 1/2 inches
2. Jessica Wick 19 inches


Natalie Scribner 10 1/8 inches

Mason Runde 7 inches

Aiden Zwaden 21 3/8 inches

Natalie Scrbner 20 inches

Winner of the Bucket of Booze was Frank Kraus

Winner of the ATV Brent Petersen

$200 Bryce Talley

$100 John Bendt

112 adult entries and 8 Kid’s fished

The ELK COUNTRY ATV CLUB would like to thank all the businesses for there donations and all the fisherman for braving the snowy weather.

Dave (Buzzard) Scherschel and Ron Vecchie of Clam Lake by Ron’s ice shanty.
Jerica Wick of Butternut with her walleye.
clam lake wi ice fishing contest
Louie Carl of Glidden by his tent.
Hunter, Tim (Gopher) and Cole Bay of Glidden and Clam Lake
Ace Griffaw, Kris Guthman, Pat Dudley, Kathy Arias and Tammy Pederson (all of Clam Lake) in the refreshment tent.