Hello Clam Lake!

Lots going on in the village this coming weekend. Busy is what we do! Bring it!

ELK COUNTRY ATV CLUB ANNUAL ICE FISHING CONTEST: This year’s popular Ice Fishing Contest will be held on Saturday, January 18th on Upper Clam running from 8:00 am to 3 pm. Promises to be a fun day of fishing and prizes – including an ATV! Hope to see you there!

MEAT RAFFLE: Also on Saturday, January 18th the Forest Riders Snowmobile Club will be holding their monthly meat raffle at Ransom’s Place. This event begins at 3:00 pm just as the fishing contest is winding down. Remember all meats come from the Sixth Street Market in Ashland. Sounds like it could be a fun and busy day to be in Clam Lake! All good!

CONGRATULATIONS: On November 16th, 2019, Jane Eder became the proud Grandmother of Caleb Melcher, born to Tamara (Eder) and Andy Melcher. He is welcomed home by his two big brothers Gabriel and Noah ages 5 and 3.This makes six grandsons for Jane (no granddaughters!) with Tammy being mother to three of them. Congrats all round!

RECAP: The Clam Lake Community Club held their monthly meeting on Thursday the 9th. We welcomed speaker Jane Matthais, whom is the executive director of the Ashland County Aging Unit. She gave us helpful information to accommodate our ever increasing senior population.Good information to know! The evening went from the helpful to the silly as we segued into Bingo. We had an impromptu “Bingo Sing-a-Long” with Diz leading our “choir”. We played the exotic “Free Space Game” and had the ever popular “3 Bingos for the Price of One” game. Needless to say there were LOTS of winners. Good times!

AUSTRALIAN UPDATE: In 2016, we were fortunate to have a young family from Australia stay for the winter in our village. These were the Campbells – Mike, Inga and their daughter Andy of Newcastle, Australia. They merged into our village life saying they were intrigued to come and stay in a place as small as Clam Lake and chose it specifically for that reason. They came to our Pot Lucks bringing traditional Australian dishes for us to try and became our friends. With the recent fires in Australia we were anxious to hear how they were faring. I asked Lea Justice to connect with them and Mike quickly responded by thanking her for our concern with this to say, “It’s absolutely heartbreaking and scary and so anxiety inducing. We are lucky that we haven’t been affected here but the loss of our wildlife and people’s homes is catastrophic.” Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends “down under”.

ALL IN THE FAMILY: Once Clam Lake had a Post Office in 1928 our mail arrived on the Soo Line in Glidden where it was separated from Glidden’s mail and transported out to Clam. Mail delivery days to Clam Lake were Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during the summer, with no set schedule for winter delivery. Around 1933, due to the advent of the Clam Lake CCC Camp, daily mail delivery to Clam Lake became a reality. Two years later, in 1935, Cecile Pohl of Glidden, became our mail carrier and would hold this position for the next 40 years at which time her granddaughter, Teri (Pohl) BeBeau would then take the route over. This was in 1975. Teri was our mail lady until 2005 – 30 years. Once again, the route was passed down to a member of the family with Jen BeBeau, Ceil’s great grandson’s wife, taking on the Clam Lake route. Back in Ciel’s day it was not uncommon for people to hitch rides back and forth from Glidden with the “mail lady”. This was common practice – something that wouldn’t be allowed today. I remember getting a ride home with her a few times if I became sick at school. In 1956 Cecile Pohl received a certificate and pin, representing 21 years of safe, accident free driving, from the Post Office Department. By then she had logged 222,000 miles going between Glidden and Clam Lake. We thank the members of the Pohl family for 85 years of service to our community! They are family!

Until next week….keep ‘er movin’…..

Pictured is proud grandmother Jane Eder with grandson Caleb Melcher.