Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Happy 4th of July to everyone!!! We are heading into THE busiest weekend of the summer for our village. The businesses are as ready as they can get and the vacation rentals are running at full capacity. This is what we are all about – tourism. So, bring it! We’ve got this!!

ELK UPDATE: Madison – The lucky winners of the 2019 elk tags have been announced and are from Cameron, Cumberland, Grand View, Medford and Hazel Green (RMEF raffle winner). More than 23,000 Wisconsin residents entered the drawing for this, once in a lifetime, privilege. According to the DNR, the number of applicants was down from last year’s participation. The DNR also made five tags available to the state’s six Chippewa tribes.Once again, the hunt will only occur in the Clam Lake elk range in parts of Sawyer, Bayfield, Ashland and Price Counties.This year’s Clam Lake herd is projected to be as high as 230 animals.

CHURCH SERVICES: Our historic St. George’s Chapel holds Mass every Saturday at 4:00 pm surrounded by the forest it was made from. Come pray with us!

PICKLE BALL: We continue to battle it out on the Pickle Ball court! After a short break for the holiday, games will resume on Tuesday, July 9th. Come join us to play, visit or just watch. Cheers and laughter are mandatory.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Time to mark those calendars as there will be a lot going on in the village this coming month. Something for everyone!

Clam Lake’s Independence Day celebration will be held on Saturday July 6th at the Clam Lake Community Club. Fireworks will be at dusk with barbecue, popcorn and beverages on hand. Come enjoy the wonderful show over Upper Clam!

The Clam Lake Community Club will hold their monthly Meeting/Pot Luck/Bingo on Thursday July 11th beginning at five. Come for the Pot Luck, stay for the fun.

On July 27th, the Forest Riders will sponsor their monthly meat raffle at Ransom’s Place. All meats come from the Sixth Street Market in Ashland. Yum!

And to top off the month the Clam Lake Junction will be hosting their Customer Appreciation Days over the last weekend in July.

Whew! Busy….

On a lighter note – here is a fun story from our rich and varied past.

The Legend of Foy Taylor and the Whippoorwill

This time of year, as evening comes on, we hear the call of the whippoorwill. I have one very near my house whom begins his song every night when I go to bed. I like the call of the whippoorwill finding it a gentle lullaby, but, this was not the case for Foy Taylor – back in the day. Foy ran The Chippewa Tavern on her own after her husband Les passed away in 1959. I’m sure, after a busy night of business, she was ready for some rest. A whipporwill set up shop outside her bedroom window beginning his refrain as soon as she’d hit the pillow – much to her annoyance. After a few weeks of this, Foy was desperate for the whippoorwill to be quiet so up she got to find her shotgun. Pointing it out of her bedroom window, in the dead of night, she fired away shouting, “Take that! You little #*&!!” Though this woke the whole village, for Foy the problem was solved. Climbing back into bed she laid her head down and began to relax. Just then she heard, “whippoorwill, whipporwill, whippoorwill!” Seems the whippoorwill had the last laugh on that one.

Till next week…..have a great holiday!!!!!