Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Our weather continues to be on the cool side, but I hear a warming trend is on the way. The word of the day is: Pine dust. I look out my windows and see clouds of it billowing by. Glad the windows are shut!.Sneeze, anyone?

PICKLE BALL: Games will resume this Tuesday at 10:00 am. Come and play, cheer or just visit! Is a fun time.

Trax, shop dog at the Junction, went on a much needed vacation with his owner Kim, leaving the Junction without their greeter. Thankfully, Bozo – Bob and Cindy Buryanek’s parrot, happily agreed to fill in. She spent time Thursday greeting customers doing a great job!

Tammy McFadden reported that she had a knock on her house at 4:30 am one day last week. After asking, “Knock, knock who’s there?” She got the reply, “Bear is there!” She promptly went to the door to find him reaching up to get her bird feeder. After telling him he must go, he just looked at her as if to say, “well, if I HAVE to….” Upon leaving he left autographs all over her window and house in the form of dirty paw prints. Gotta love our big furry neighbors!

Eight members of the Elk Country ATV Club went on a 240 mile overnighter to Superior WI last weekend. Pat Dudley, Secretary of the Club, shared some of the highlights with me. First of all, she wanted to thank President Rick Guthman and Treasurer Kris Guthman for doing a fantastic job as “leaders of the pack”. The winners of the Honda ATV, Rick and Val Quayle, joined them for their first ever ATV trip to break in their new machine. The crew spent the night in South Range, WI and made many interesting stops along the way – even running into some relatives on the trail! Pat said everyone had a great time!

I stopped in at the Elkhorn Friday morning for coffee clutch to catch up with friends and neighbors. Rob Haley, whom eats at the Elkhorn a lot (his words) was there – eating. He said he reads my column every week and wondered why he hadn’t been in it. So….now he is! Him and his wife, Pam, are from Sun Prairie and have a vacation home here. He said his family have attended the Clam Lake fireworks for the past 40 years! Wow!

CHURCH SERVICES: Mass is said every Saturday at 4:00 pm at our historic “Chapel in the Woods” – St. George’s. If you wish to worship in a setting of a time gone by, it’s the place to be. Our motto: No Vacation from God’s Service.

REMINDER: Fireworks in Clam Lake will be on Saturday, July 6th starting at dusk, Once again, Bud Rubeck and Derek Bay will be doing the honors. There will be barbecue, popcorn and beverages on hand. It promises to be a fantastic show!

On to the July Birthday List: We wish all of our friends both near and far a Happy Birthday and hope they have a wonderful day!!

July 1st – Bud Rubeck and Bob Bay Jr.
July 2nd – Steve Reinders
July 4th – Austin Reukema and Dan Alden
July 5th – Steve Rembos and Makala Reukema
July 7th – Brian Hulstrom, Brayden Miroslaw and Skylar Eder
July 8th – Elaine Bailey, Pat Reinders and Brittany Fanella
July 18th – Brian Johnson
July 19th – John Francois
July 21st – Kevin Cornell
July 22nd – Bonnie Reukema, Tom Dezotell and Levi McFadden
July 23rd – Kish Hodgeman, Alason Vecchie and Evalyn Frasch
July 24th – Matthew Markee
July 25th – Bob Bailey and Amanda Roquemore
July 26th – Sue Eickermann, Marlene Hogue and Julene Rein
July 27th – Abby Ward
July 30th – Scott Miller
July 31st – Tammy Hollister

Anniversary Wishes go out to the couples celebrating their special day in July. They are:

July 2nd – Lea and Jerry Justice
July 6th – Dave and Julie Kronbar
July 15th – Ron and Dolores Warner
July 27th – Fred and Kish Hodgeman

Till next week….have fun in the forest!

Pictured are members of the Elk Country ATV Club taken on their trip.Kathy Dudley is in front taking the picture.. Behind her are:: Patricia Dudley, Kim Schiel, Rick Guthrman,Rick Quayle, Val Quayle, Krystal Guthman and Pat Allen Dudley.