Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Heat, humidity and rain are the order of the day in the northland. With all the moisture in the air and on the ground everything is very lush and green. Summer is definitely in high gear!

EVENTS: Gail McDonnell sent me a note detailing the upcoming Forest Riders Meat Raffle. Here’s what she had to say: “The Clam Lake Forest Riders Snowmobile Club would like to invite you to their next meat raffle on Saturday, July 27th starting at 3 pm. The raffle will be held at Ransom’s Place in Clam Lake. After the meat raffle we will be drawing the winners of our annual 50/50 cash raffle. Tickets will be available if you haven’t already purchased one. The meat packages come from Sixth Street Market in Ahsland and all proceeds go towards maintaining our grooming shed and trail 9A.” Sounds like time to win dinner, some cash and support this great club! All good.

DURING the last weekend in July the Clam Lake Junction will be holding their Customer Appreciation Days. And yes! Trax (shop dog at the Junction) has agreed to be on hand to sign autographs!

AN EVENING OF MUSIC AND DANCE is being hosted by Doc (Tom) and Nancy Chisholm on Friday, August 2nd at the Clam Lake Community Club. The event will begin around 6:30 with music from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Music will feature popular sing along and dance tunes – polkas too! Musicians will include Beth Allison, Holly Bacha, Stacy Hughes and Steve Trude. There is no charge for this event, so come enjoy some fine music and mix and mingle and sing along.. Promises to be a great time!

AND….if you are still looking for things to do – Ransom’s Place will be holding their One Year Anniversary Party on Saturday August 3rd.

Busy times in the village!

ON THE ROAD AGAIN: We have been seeing the DNR “Bear Barrels” routinely going up and down our forest roads as they relocate trouble bears from one spot to another. Often seems the bears spend their summers traveling from one locale to another. According to the wardens there seems to be a large number of “bad bears” this year. Of course, as we all know – if you see one hitchiking DO NOT pick them up.

PICKLEBALL: Games are held most Tuesdays at 10:00 am. This week’s games had a good group of players on hand with very little injury (thank you Kim!). Kathy Arias and Pat Dudley were on hand to act as team cheerleaders. Thanks go out to them for doing a super job! Even though it was warm everyone had a great time! Come join us!

CHURCH SERVICES: Mass is said every Saturday at 4:00 pm at St. George’s, our historic Chapel in the Woods. Come enjoy worship in our rustic log cabin church

I had a chance to catch up with our resident Birder, Jan Sharp. I asked her about what she does and she explained by telling me she is a volunteer for the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas. She and the other volunteers look for as many species as possible during the breeding season and note particular breeding behaviors. Jan identifies birds mainly by song. Volunteers are assigned 3 by3 mile blocks. To “complete” a block the birders need to confirm seeing breeding behaviors in 50% of the species they are watching. This can take 20-30 hours of birding a block over the course of a five year span. Jan has completed 4 of these blocks all in the Clam Lake area and is now trying to finish her fifth – which happens to include the town of Mellen. She said, so far, people have been very friendly to the “crazy lady in her floppy green hat with binoculars around her neck taking notes as she walks down the street”.Why do this? To collect important data to help preserve species habitat. Thanks go out to Jan and her fellow volunteers for looking out for our feathered friends whom are the direct descendants of the once mighty dinosaurs. Jan is a retired chemist and the daughter of Dexter and Peggy Sharp. Peggy was the daughter of Ben and Elizabeth Person – one of our oldest Clam Lake families. The Persons bought land on Upper Clam Lake for a summer home in the 20’s after staying on Camp Fire Island.

Until next week…..remember not to pick up any bears.

Pictured is Jan Sharp