Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Well, we’ve had some sun this week – off and on. Last weekend’s temps were almost too warm too fast, but that all changed. Onward we went to more fall like weather. NO! Not yet!!!! Summer – we hardly knew ye!

And just for laughs (not!) our power was out for seven hours last Saturday.

Hard to believe we are only a few weeks shy of the 4th. Ths year’s celebration in Clam Lake will be on Saturday the 6th. It promises to be a fun event, as always.

As each weekend passes the village seems to be getting a bit busier and happily so. Is what our resort community is all about.

Several people have reported having fawns in their yards – myself included. Elk calves can’t be far behind. That time of year when we can enjoy the new life of the forest. I noticed elk tracks under my clotheslines when I brought in my laundry. Would have been interesting to see how they maneuvered the lines, let alone the sheets!

Thursday the 13th saw a good turn out for our monthly Community Club meeting. After a variety of delicious foods, some serious silly commenced as the evening segued into Bingo. Among the discussion were various topics ranging from “Let’s not start that again!” (Diz) to the advantages of colored lighting (Kathy). And….let’s not forget Ace’s continuing battle with the decorative bottle opener. Lots of giggles!

I want to extend a thank-you to Nancy and Zac Ransom for letting me keep my vehicle at their place overnight after the starter (may it rest in peace!) died. One has to be grateful to live in a small caring community where we look out for each other..

Gail McDonnell sent me a run down of the highlights from the Forest Riders Meat Raffle held on Saturday which I will share with you. First of all, she would like to thank Zac and Nancy Ransom for hosting the event. A thank you also goes out to Deb Higgins for donating prizes in the form of gift certificates. Kudos to them! Glidden was well represented winning five boxes of meat and a gift certificate from the Northern Post Gift Shop.A couple from Holman WI stopped in after a day of fishing and came away with a box of meat. Would imagine they were glad they stopped!Barb Cook continues her lucky streak from years past by winning two boxes and a gift certificate. Sounds like everyone had a great time! Gail and the members of the Snowmobile Club wish to thank all that participated.

REMINDER: St. George’s Chapel holds services every Saturday at 4:00 pm. Come pray with us at our historic “Chapel in the Woods”.
Once again our village was visited by Jeff and Mary Wolfe’s group that come up from Mosinee and Waterford, WI. They are whom we affectionately refer to as the “costume people”. Each year they come up and stay at the Junction with a different theme to their attire. This year it was iconic characters in advertising. They spend the day 4-wheeling throughout the area in costume bringing smiles to many faces. As Tony the Tiger would say, “They’re GRRRRREAT!!!!!”

Till next week….if you see an elk sporting a pillowcase – it’s mine!!!

Pictured are the “Costume People” 2019: Left to Right: Jack’s Links, Mr. Monoply and his helper, Colonel Sanders, Chiquita Banana and her sister, Mayhem and Flo, Wendy, The General, The Engergizer Bunny and her battery. Seated are the Geico Money Man and the Lucky Charms Leprechaun.