Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Our temperatures have been all over the place this past week. Started off very warm then by week’s end we had nights down in the 30’s.. At least we got some much needed rain! Lots of rain! The forest has filled out and greened up in a hurry. Of course, the bugs have decided to come on strong and get in the act. Lots of gnats/sand flies zipping around with a fresh crop of mosquitoes hatching out. That time of year!

THE HUMMINGBIRDS have returned and how! Fun to watch these little feathered creatures diving, swooping, chirping and buzzing all over the place. Summer’s here!

CALLED UP: Tom Eder, formerly of Clam Lake, and now a member of the Minnesota National Guard has been called up to help during our time of national crisis. Our thoughts, prayers and gratitude go out to him as he does his duty to protect our nation. He is the son of the late Don Eder and his wife Jane.

ELK COUNTRY ATV CLUB UPDATE: The Elk Country ATV Club has cancelled their annual Poker Run and Brat Feed which would have taken place at the Clam Lake Junction on August 15th. They stated, “With everything going on and unsure what could happen with this pandemic, we feel this is the most sensible thing to do”. They have also cancelled their overnight ride which was scheduled for June 20th. BUT….they will be holding a day ride on June 27th. Anyone wishing to participate should be at the Elkhorn at 9 am. There is no charge for this event. Sounds like a good way to social distance, have some fun and enjoy the forest all at the same time!

CONGRATULATIONS go out to our two Clam Lake graduates, Bethanni Eder and Marlie Reukema. Bethanni is a graduate of the Chequamegon High School class of 2020 and is the daughter of Brian and Joyce Eder and the granddaughter of the late Don Eder. On the other end of the spectrum we have Marlie Reukema whom has just graduated from Kindergarten and will begin first grade in the Fall. She is the daughter of Rich and Makala Reukema, granddaughter of Bonnie and the late Lee Reukema and the great granddaughter of Dick Reukema. Congrats to both girls for a job well done! (As a side note: Marlie resides where the Clam Lake School once sat.)

2020 ELK HUNT UPDATE FROM MADISON: The Natural Resources Board on Wednesday set the 2020 Wisconsin elk harvest at 10 bulls consistent with the state’s first two elk hunting seasons. The move overruled a Department of Natural Resources recommendation to reduce the number of kill tags to six this year. The agency’s elk advisory committee argues the lower quota would help protect older, large antlered bulls, the primary target of hunters, and help sustain a more balanced age structure in the growing herd. The mature animals are also key draws for wildlife viewers, part of the tourism economy, said Bob Nack, DNR’s big game section chief. Board member, Greg Kazmierski pushed back against the proposed cut in tags stating that, “Since cow elk are the key to herd growth and won’t be hunted it would be wise to offer as much elk hunting opportunity as possible. It’s a social issue. Having more tags available is a big deal.”He also stated, “I love that we have elk in Wisconsin. But we also need a return on our investment.”

ACCORDING to Hilary Markin of the US Forest Service the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest is open for dispersed camping and campfires. In addition to dispersed camping all trails and trailheads are also open. Campgrounds, picnic areas and beaches will remain closed in alignment with federal and state guidelines and restrictions. All reservations will be cancelled through June 14th. If circumstances change regarding the reopening of campgrounds prior to June 14th, reservable sites may be available on a first come, fiirst serve basis.Recognizing that many Americans will head outdoors to visit their national forests the Forest Servcie’s top priority remains the safety of the public and our employees and volunteers.

ONCE AGAIN caution is urged when driving due to our new forest arrivals of fawns and elk calves. Joanna Burditt, employee of the Clam Lake Junction, encountered a young fawn and it’s mother on the way home from work one day last week. The mother ran into the woods with the fawn remaining on the road unsure of what to do. When Joanna got out trying to encourage it to leave the road, it started to lick her leg. Finally she picked it up and carried it to the ditch where it laid down to await it’s mother’s return. One can see how vulnerable they are. Kudos to Joanna for her act of kindness to one of our forest friends.

Until next week….stay healthy!

Pictured is Marlie Reukema celebrating her graduation from Kindergarten.