Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

After a cool, wet start, the week turned lovely. The forest is so gorgeous this time of year! The word of the day is: Hummingbirds!!!! Everywhere, all day, all the time – buzzing, eating, fighting, chirping – such fun to watch!

REMINDER: The West Fork Waterway Association will be holding their annual meeting on June 15th at 10:00 am at the Clam Lake Community Club. Please plan to attend to learn more abut their efforts to preserve and protect this historic waterway. A great undertaking that we all benefit from.

ALSO ON THE 15th: The Clam Lake Forest Riders will be having a meat raffle at Ransom’s Place starting at 3:00 pm. All meats are from Second Street Market in Ashland. Come and support our local Club and win some delicious meat!

NOTICE: The Clam Lake Community Club will be holding their monthly Meeting/Pot Luck/Bingo on Thursday June 13th beginning at five. This month we will be planning our 4th of July celebration which promises to be a spectacular event. Come and join us!

PICKLE BALL is held on Tuesdays at 10:00 am in the Junction parking lot. All are welcome! Lots of fun…..

Last Saturday, amidst cheers and applause, for the first time in many years the bell at St. George’s rung out over the lakes and forests to call people in to worship. The old bell, dated 1886 (installed in 1948), got some much needed TLC from Rob Dezotell and Bob Bailey. Bob came and “saved the day!” when I accidentally rang it too hard and got it stuck in mid-clang. Thanks guys!!! When you hear it, come join us for Mass – Saturdays at 4:00 pm.

Heading into the June birthday list I would like to wish a special Happy Birthday to MaryAnn Reinders whom will be turning 90 years young on June 11th. Her and her husband of 62 years, Gordon, moved to Clam Lake in 1989. She is always ready with a smile and a happy thought. Age seems immaterial to her. One of my heroes! I hope she has a great day and many more!

Now, onto the rest of the June birthdays. We wish you all a very happy day!!!!

June 1st – Miles Eder
June 3rd – Steve Landis
June 4th – Rick Guthman
June 5th – Cliff Nelson
June 7th – Chad Heer
June 9th – Noah Hulstrom
June 10th – David Goff and Rayna Shier
June 11th – MaryAnn Reinders
June 12th – Ray Mathey
June 14th – David Holter (my baby brother!)
June 15th – Laurie Reil, Rica Hogue, Jerry Ferda and Richard Miendel
June 16th – Taryn Eickermann
June 19th – Cheri Cornell and Dylan Eickermann
June 23rd – Bev Vadnais
June 24th – Tammy Ludwig
June 25th – Jill (Eder) Markee and Noah Melcher
June 27th – Jackie (Eder) Fiecke and Stephanie Tetzlaff
June 29th – Ralph Cornell and Adam Heer

Celebrating anniversaries in June are:

June 7th – Rick and Kris Guthman
June 9th – Jill and Scott Markee
June 21st – Dan and Kate Alden

Best wishes to all of the above.

Till next week….. watch out for dive bombing hummers!

Pictured is an “Oops” that occurred at the Junction on Thursday. The brakes weren’t set so the truck rolled down the hill, across the road and into the woods. Not the first time! (Photo by Brian Bowman)