Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Our weather continues to be a mixed bag with a bit of sun, a bit of rain, a bit of snow and plenty of ice! Walking around my driveway is treacherous! Be careful people!

Elk continue to be alongside the roads grazing and who can blame them after a grassless winter? I passed one the other day that couldn’t have been more than 5 feet from my car window. Just watched me go by. Clusters of deer are also making their way out to the road presenting more of a problem as they seem to sing, “should I stay or should I go?” A time to be careful when out and about with the critters on the move.

CORONAVIRUS AND CLAM LAKE: Thankfully, no one in the village has exhibited symptoms of the coronavirus but, we are still feeling it’s impact as we social distance and get used to our “new normal” as the few social gathering places in the village are closed to accord with state mandates. Suddenly one feels the need to buy just one more roll of toilet paper or one more can of soup. Even our little Clam Lake Junction has seen it’s shelves begin to empty of the much hoarded TP. At this time, their supplier has posted that there is a shortage of TP in their warehouses. That being said a few rolls did make it in on Thursday’s delivery truck. That goes for hand sanitizer as well. It has been reported that for a family of four over a two week time period 17 rolls of TP is enough. So, maybe it’s time to leave a few rolls on the shelves for others. (As a side note: At this time a confirmed case of the coronavirus has been reported in Bayfield County so it has entered our area.)

TRAVELING AMIDST THE PANDEMIC: Rick, Alice and Kim Filter recently returned from a trip to Arizona that had been in the works for months. They left on the 11th before there were many restrictions or travel bans. Their plan was to attend two spring training baseball games. Their trip down went well but, after that things got dicey. Thursday saw a downpour that caused the Cleveland game to be rained out. Then Thursday night all spring games were cancelled due to COVID-19. They were scheduled to see the Brewers play on Friday, so that was off. They decided when given lemons to make lemonade by going on a no map, no phone trip on Friday. They just pointed the car towards a mountain they wanted to see and went for it. This made for a fun day from all accounts. Saturday night found them in the airport ready to head back to Wisconsin. They were supposed to leave at 1:05 am but were told that the second pilot had not shown up (no explanation was given) so they wouldn’t be leaving until 5:15 am.. On the plus side they did get to see some of the players from the Brewers, Dodgers, Oakland A’s and the Pittsburgh Pirates sitting in the airport, at a safe distance, awaiting their flights back due to all the cancellations. So, all in all, the trip was not considered a total loss but, they are very happy to be back in Wisconsin.

AND….if you are considering ordering out remember to support our local businesses that have to be shuttered. We all need to pull together and help each other during this unprecedented time.

Until next week…..stay safe and healthy and help keep your friends and neighbors safe and healthy by washing hands, practicing social distancing and self quarantining.

Pictured is the last remaining specimen of this species in Clam Lake. It is being quarantined at the Clam Lake Junction for 14 days.