Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Temps started out on the cool side but began to warm up as the week progressed. We even received some much needed rain! Things were getting very dry and with periods of wind fire danger was high. Time to take extra care when out enjoing our beautiful forest.

ST. GEORGE’S UPDATE: I attended a MPB Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday May 13th to learn about the status of St. George’s Chapel for the summer season. At this time, no decision has been made by the diocese as to when places of worship can be safely reopened. They will continue to monitor the situation and let us know when reopening will occur. When the Chapel does reopen the Mass will be celebrated at 6:00 pm as opposed to last year’s 4:00 pm Mass.We now have three representatives from Clam Lake on the Parish Council – Tom Dezotell (board member), Georgianna Fanella and myself, Lynne Rice, (Finance Council).ALSO – Some much needed tree removal took place at St. George’s this past weekend. Thanks go out to Tom Dezotell for arranging this.

REMINDER: The officers of the Clam Lake Community Club have decided to postpone the 4th of July fireworks until further notice due to continued Covid-19 concerns. This is to protect the health of our community. Hopefully, the fireworks can be done at a later date. If not? See you next year. We have also decided to cancel the regular monthy meetings of the Clam Lake Community Club until Augst at the earliest. Keep those hot dishes at the ready. Hopefully, we’ll be able to share them again one day.

UPDATE: Work continues on the Helipad that is located at the Town of Gordon Recycling area off of the aptly named “Rescue Road”. Gravel has been put in place and black-top has been poured. It is looking good! This will be a wonderful addition to our community providing a place for helicopters to land for emergency transport.

CAUTION needs to be taken this time of year with bears searching for food. Time to bring in bird feeders and make sure trash is stored where it can’t be gotten into. As the hummingbirds reappear this will also present a challenge since bears love a tasty snack of sugar water. I’ve learned to bring mine in every night. Inconvenient, but necessary after I was awoken a few years back by a bear ringing my door bell as he was reaching up to take down the feeder. He hung around all day in hopes of snagging that feeder and gave me attitude when I yelled at him to leave. Can I say I learned my lesson? I can.

FIRST ELK: One day last week, I drove by Beimdicke Pond on Clam Lake Road and was greeted by a cow elk happily grazing on the plants growing around the pond. She just glanced at me and went back to her meal – totally comfortable with my presence.. This took me back 25 years to May 19th of 1995. This was the date on which I saw my first elk. They had just been released from their holding pen a few days before on the 17th of May and we had heard that some headed down our forest road. I decided to take the ATV for a ride going into one of the old logging roads that veered off into the forest – my usual route. I’d circle around on roads that I knew within a short distance from home. Just to be out in the woods looking for berries, flowers, whatever. There was a small log in the trail and I was figuring out how to maneuver around it when I glanced up. Not more than 10 foot away was a cow elk just standing in the trail looking at me. Remember, I’d never seen an elk in the wild before and up close they are HUGE. I thought….what is this animal going to do? Will it charge me? I began to cautiously turn my ATV around, going forward, backing up, going forward all the while looking over my shoulder to see what the elk was doing. She just continued to stand and stare as I retreated. My adrenaline was definitely riding high! Now, of course, we know our elk are gentle giants that are used to us as we are to them. Many times since, such as last week, I have come upon them while out walking or riding and they just watch me pass by. Regardless, of the passage of time, they are still a joy to see and make the heart beat a bit faster.

SPEAKING OF: Fawns are being born and the spring elk calving season is almost upon us. Be on the lookout when driving so as not to hit these young animals. Thank you!

Until next week….. On this Memorial Day remember to say thank you to all those that served! Stay healthy!

Pictured is Boom Town Tree Service taking down a dead white pine at St.George’s Chapel on Saturday. Two red pines were also removed. ALSO pictured is the freshly blacktopped Helipad off of Rescue Road.