Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Memorial Day weekend signals the beginning of the summer season for us living in Clam Lake. Cabins will be opened and visitors from all over will arrive to enjoy our forest world. Hopefully, with covid-19 more under control, we will see a return to a more normal summer season. We welcome the visitors to our little corner of the world and hope they enjoy it as much as we do.

MEMORIAL DAY SERVICES: Memorial Day services will be held by the Glidden VFW at both the bridge and the Clam Lake Cemetery beginning at noon on Memorial Day. All are welcome to attend to pay honor to those that have served.

ST. GEORGE’S CHAPEL: St. George’s will hold it’s first Mass of the season on Saturday, May 29th at 6:00 pm. Come pray with us at our historic “Chapel in the Woods” built from the forest that surrounds us.

CONGRATULATIONS go out to Clam Lakers Brandon and Jessica Eder on the birth of their daughter Jazmynn Alma. This little one is the great grandchild of the late Don Eder.

MEET THE NEW POSTAL PERSON: Doug Purdy, of Glidden, is our new Rural Route Relief Person. He is taking over from Chuck Zwicker and will be bringing the mail out from Glidden and delivering it every other Saturday or when Jen BeBeau needs a day off. Doug and his young family are from Appleton and recently moved to Glidden in August of 2020. They now reside in the former Schraufnagel home on Park Street in Glidden. His wife was born and raised in Glidden being the former Amanda Pankratz. He said he loves it here and enjoys the break in the day that going out on the Postal run provides. In his spare time, he enjoys helping coach the Butternut, Park Falls and Glidden Pony League baseball team. We welcome him and thank him for his service to our community.

SYMPATHIES go out to the Krygoski family and Don Castro upon the loss of Jim Krygoski. Jim and his wife Andrea moved to Clam Lake in 1984 and quickly became active members of our community. While living here, Jim wore many hats. He worked as a security guard at Project ELF until it’s closure in 2005. He became active in community affairs by joining the Clam Lake Volunteer Fire Department, eventually succeeding Ed Kropp as Fire Chief for the Clam Lake Station. Living in Sawyer County he also worked, on their behalf, as an EMT for the Sawyer County Ambulance Service for many years. In these capacities, he gave of his time to help many people. After ELF closed, he went to work for Retreat Homes in Hayward where he was employed until his passing. Jim loved this area and the hunting and fishing it provided. In years past, I’d often run into him walking his dogs on my forest road and we’d chat for a bit. He was a hard working kind soul and will be missed. Jim was 66.

Time to wish a Happy Birthday to all those celebrating birthdays in June. They are:

June 1st – Miles Eder
June 3rd – Steve Landis
June 4th – Rich Guthman
June 7th – Chad Her
June 9th – Noah Hilstrom
June 10th – David Goff and Rayna Schier
June 11th – Mary Ann Reinders – turning 92 years young!!!!
June 12th – Ray Mathey
June 14th – David Holter (my little brother turns 60!!!)
June 15th – Laurie Reil, Rhica Hogue and Richard Meindel
June 16th – Taryn Eickermann
June 19th – Cheri Cornell and Dylan Eickermann
June 23rd – Bev Vadnais
June 24th – Tammy Ludwig
June 25th – Jill (Eder) Markee and Noah Melcher
June 27th – Jackie (Eder) Fiecke and Stephanie Tetzlaff
June 29th – Ralph Cornell and Adam Heer

Couples celebrating wedding anniversaries in June are:

June 7th – Rich and Kris Guthman
June 9th – Scott and Jill Markee
June 23rd – Clint and Janet McCloud

We hope they all enjoy their special day!

Until next week…..

Pictured is new Postal person Doug Purdy. Also pictured is Jim Krygoski along with the other early members of the Clam Lake Volunteer Fire Department.

Doug Purdy