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Good Monday Morning Readers…

I hope this finds you all toasty warm this morning.. it’s 19 degrees here on the south side of Lower Clam Lake and lightly snowing. 19 degrees is fairly warm compared to the single digits they are predicting for tonight but, cheer up it’s going to be a high of 35 degrees on Thursday! It will feel like Spring.

I can’t believe that this week marks this mid of November and next week is Thanksgiving (11/22). We say this every month but, where does the month go? It goes way too fast for most of us..

The date is set so, mark your calendar for Thursday, December 13th at 5pm for the Clam Lake Community Club Christmas Party. If you would like to take part in the gift exchange, you can bring a gift for your gender (lady for lady, gentleman for gentleman)..

There will be a potluck, bring an entree, cookies, cake or what ever you please. Just come and enjoy the holidays with your friends and neighbors..

This Saturday the 17th of November marks the opening of the Wisconsin 2018 deer gun all the hunter’s out there have a SAFE hunting season and Good Luck!!

Enjoy the week..Until next week..Stay Healthy and Be Kind.