Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

This week saw some snow, some sun and a whole lot of wind! Talk about blustery days! We were there. The temps started to climb, then plummeted again. One never knows what November can bring. Considering we could be knee deep in snow, one really can’t complain.

HUNTING SEASON WEEK: In Clam Lake hunting season and Thanksgiving have always gone hand in hand. Is a busy time in our village as we cater to the influx of hunters that head our way. Deer camps are set up for another year and the camaraderie commences. As always, we say “Welcome!” and hope they have a safe and successful season. (As a side note: We watched several big bucks being brought in on Saturday morning to be registered in the various buck pools. One woman was very excited to learn that her 81 year old father-in-law had just gotten a 12 pointer. Good job!)

ELK OUT AND ABOUT: I don’t know about you but, I’ve seen my fair share of elk near the roads as I make my way to and fro. Time to be on the look out for these large Clam Lake residents as they head out to find some tasty road side snacks. They are on the move!

CLUB DECORATING: Christmas Decorating will take place at the Clam Lake Community Club on Tuesday, November 30th at 10:00 am. This is in preparation for the annual Christmas Party that will be held on Thursday December 9th beginning at five with a Pot Luck. Anyone wishing to help decorate is welcome.

SPEAKING OF – ELK ON A SHELF – You’ve heard of Elf on a Shelf, well, considering this is Clam Lake, we do “Elk on a Shelf”. Every day, starting on Black Friday, people are invited to look through the Clam Lake Junction’s public spaces to find the “Elk on the Shelf”. This will be a small elk hidden somewhere in the store. If you are lucky enough to find it, bring it to the counter and your name will be put in a drawing for a $100.00 gift certificate (and a year’s worth of free gas for your kayak!). The drawing will be held on Christmas Eve. Good luck to all!

NEW FACES – JUNCTION GIANTS: We’d like to extend a hearty Clam Lake welcome to Mike and Katie Anderson who have recently moved to Clam Lake from Hudson WI. Katie is working as a nurse in Hayward with Mike taking a position at the Clam Lake Junction. With him reaching a height of 6’5” and Lyn Hartl (owner of the Junction) at 6’3” the Junction seems to have become a land of giants. Then when RJ (6’7”), law enforcement officer for the Forest Service stops by, all one can say is “Basketball anyone?” Mike said he and his wife have always wanted to move north loving the outdoors as they do. Considering it was the right time to sell and they were tired of city life, they went for it. Mike is a hunting and fishing enthusiast so is loving being here. At present, they have two household companions (kitties), by the names of Lenny and Wilson who are both also enjoying their move north. We wish them well and are glad they are here! If you see him at the Junction make sure to say Hi!

HISTORY MOMENT: Here are a few comments made by Howard Scotford, Clam Lake’s founder and proprietor of Camp Fire Island Resort, made in November of 1912 regarding that year’s hunting season activities. “Arose at 5:00 am. Matt Hart (of Glidden) shot fawn and Hazel (Howard’s wife) got hers. Cold with snow on the ground.” On November 19th he remarks that, “Matt and Francis (Hart) leave that day.” This would be via horse and wagon – no autos would make their way to Clam until the 1920’s at least. The next day he records two people getting deer with subsequent days starting with, “And again!” indicating that more deer have been shot by various people. At the end of November he tallies 11 deer have been shot in his group. He also remarks that there were 11 partridge, 27 muskrats, 3 mink, 20 squirrels, 2 weasels, 17 rabbits and 9 skunk. A successful season by all accounts! He tells hunters that are staying at the resort that they can choose between timber and slashing for their hunting grounds and that they will “find a bunch of fine fellows to hunt with.” It is listed that deer season runs from November 11th thru November 30th.(As a side not – the Matt and Francis Hart that are mentioned would be Grandfather (Matt) and great uncle (Francis) to Barb Kempf and Patti Renzelmann. Matt started the Glidden Enterprise with his granddaughter Barbara being the present day proprietor.)

Until next week….Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Pictured is a photo shared with me by the late Wayne Rosentreter of a group of hunters loading up after a successful season in Clam Lake during the earlier part of the 20th century.