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Happy October??

It’s Monday October 1st, and it just started raining, the mercury is settled in at 47 degrees.. That’s going to be our high today and the weather-people are talking rain and some flurries for tonight.. for most people this is way too early for flurries and I have to agree.. We need to have a few more nice days for cleaning up the leaves, cleaning out flower beds and getting that last pile of wood cut up for the heating season. It’s just started to show some beautiful colors in our trees. But, I really must say the trip on GG today was a beautiful colorful ride.. The hues of gold and orange were spectacular. So, if you get a chance take the ride..

The next Clam Lake Community Potluck will be held on Thursday, October 11th at 5pm for the meeting and around 5:30-6pm depending on how long the meeting takes.. So, bake up a tasty treat and come join your friends and neighbors for a good meal and great conversation..

There is an Autumn Mass at St. George’s Chapel this Saturday, October 6th at 6pm..All will welcome the new Father with cookies and coffee after the mass. Show the Chapel our support so, we can keep it going..

October Birthday’s and Anniversary Wishes go out to:
10/01 Kali Jo Ford/ Paul Eickermann
10/06 Tammi Eder
10/07 Alvin VanCamp
10/09 Laura Cornell
10/11 Margaret Schier
10/13 Buzzard
10/16 Barb Schaffer
10/18 Faith Hulstrom turns 13!!
10/19 Tawnya Hulstrom
10/22 Randy Roquemore/ Liam Swearingen
10/26 Teri Steffen/ Fred Hodgeman
10/29 Lynne Rice
10/31 Lance Hollister


10/03 Dan and Julene Rein celebrate their special day
10/24 Carl and Jean Kubley celebrate their day of wedded bliss
10/29 Bob and Georgie Fanella celebrate their many years together

No matter what you are celebrating, We all hope it’s a very happy day!!

Get out their and enjoy the colors as they develop.. Until next time..Be Thankful..Be Kind!