Clam Lake News & Events

Good Sunday Afternoon Readers..

It sure turned out to be a beautiful day today, compared to yesterday we are having a heatwave.. It’s 44 degrees here on the south side of Lower Clam Lake. The sun is shining and the snow is melting away. We sure had a heck of a snow storm last’s way too early for the white stuff..We haven’t even turned the clocks back yet..this year that will happen on November 4th, that means we will be get an extra hour of sleep but it will be getting dark way to early..We sure aren’t prepared for that yet!

The next Clam Lake Community Potluck Dinner/meeting will be held on the second Thursday of November which is the 8th..We will be planning a date for the Christmas Party and recapping last month’s meeting. So, mark that date down and bake up a tasty treat to share..and Dizzy do you have that “lucky” Bingo card stashed?

November Birthday Wishes go out to the following Friends and Neighbors:
11-01 Richard Reukema
11-06 Patti Renzelmann
11-09 Allisa Ward
11-10 Cody Feckner
11-11 Ace Griffaw
11-13 Chris Ferda
11-16 Kate Alden
11-17 Becca Biasi
11-18 Kari Jo Ford
11-21 Kris Guthman/ Thomas Biasi
11-28 Ron Miller/ Mary Schier
11-30 Hudson William Gerhardt turns 3 years old!!

November Anniversary Wishes go out to Carl and Iona Guthman who are celebrating their 72nd year of wedded bliss!! Congrats Carl and Iona!!

A “BIG Welcome Back” to Bob and Georgie Fanella! Georgie had hip surgery and recovered at the home of her daughters and after what seemed like a very long recoup is finally back in Clam Lake..

We all will enjoy the 40 degree temps this week..So, until next time..Be Thankful and Be Kind!!