Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Our weather has been a time of clouds and rain with a stray ray of sunshine or sunny day in attendance. First frosts have also made their appearance known. Surprisingly, many of the leaves are still on the trees making for some gorgeous drives around the countryside.

HALLOWEEN REMINDER – On Saturday October 28th Ransoms Place will be hosting a Halloween party and Costume Contest. The party will begin at 6:00 with the costume judging at 9:00. In the spirit of the Halloween season people are encouraged to bring a treat to share. Time to get those costumes ready! Sounds like some spooky fun will be had!

BOUGH SEASON GOING WELL – I stopped to chat with Jane Eder, who mans the bough station for Tim and Tammy McFadden, to see how the season has been so far. She said it’s been going very well this year as the piles of boughs sitting around could attest to. I stuck around for a bit and was able to watch a couple of vehicles pull in with several pounds of boughs. One has to give credit to the bough cutters whom spend long days out in the forest to collect the balsam that will be used to make the beautiful wreaths that our forest provides each year. Good job and thank you!

ELK TRAFFIC JAM – Upon returning home from Clam one day last week I met a group of 5 cow elk whom were foraging on the sides of the road They then, slowly, made their way across. And I do mean slowly. 4 of the 5 crossed relatively swiftly (for an elk!) while one cow wanted to finish her snack before she headed across. By the time she decided the time was right, there were three cars behind me and three facing me waiting for one of our “speedy” Clam Lake ladies to pass. Suddenly she seemed to realize she was holding up traffic so began her meander across the road. She daintily put one hoof in front of the other, doing her best imitation of a snail, until she made her way to the other side to join her friends. You can bet the cars behind me went slowly from then on realizing the “Caution Elk” signs were for real.

A REMEMBRANCE – As I mentioned in my column last week, Clam Lake has lost another. This would be Nancy Chisholm, whom with husband Tom and family, visited their cabin on Delano Lake since 1971. Nancy was mother to seven children and enjoyed raising them. Her husband Tom (Doc) was a doctor that served in the armed forces in that capacity for many years. He eventually would become Colonel Tom Chisholm. Due to this, him and Nancy traveled extensively visiting many countries and locales over the years. Thankfully, she loved traveling! Theirs was a long and happy union with her and Doc having been married for 65 years at the time of her passing. Other things Nancy enjoyed were music and reading and spending time in the northwoods. She especially enjoyed playing the piano. She will definitely be missed! Nancy was 90 years old.

Until next week….

Pictured are the elk that stopped traffic.