Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Happy Halloween to all those spooks and goblins out there! We hope you had a great time and got lots of treats!

Colder temps have moved in. Are we ready for this? I, for one, am not ready for winter to make it’s reappearance. But, it will. Of that we can be sure. At least we did not get the predicted snow flurries. Yet.

MEAT RAFFLE UPDATE – I had a chance to speak with Gail McDonnell about this year’s Forest Riders Snowmobile Club’s meat raffles. She said they have been going really well with a very good turnout. They are seeing new people and some have even joined the Club. Great news! The next meat raffle will be held Saturday November 11th running from 3:00 to 5:00 at Ransoms Place. Time to come out and support this hard working club and win some delicious meat in the bargain. Remember all meats come from Rondeaus in Cable. Yum!

BEST FRIENDS VOLUNTEERS – October saw Lea Justice of Clam Lake and Rhonda Rady of Hayward traveling to Kanab, Utah to volunteer at Best Friends animal sanctuary. Best Friends is the largest sanctuary of its kind in the US. It has become the heart of a collaborative no-kill movement and a model for the future of animal welfare. The sanctuary covers 6,000 acres and at this this time is home to 700 cats, 400 dogs, 50 horses, 130 bunnies, 37 goats, 30 pigs and even some parrots! We are talkin’ large! It features 200 volunteers from all over the world and 400 employees making it the largest employer in Kanab. Lea and Rhonda spent their days in such places as Cat World, Dog Town and Horse Haven – cleaning, grooming and spending time with animals in need. What a great thing to do and we thank them for their service to the animal kingdom. Good job! (As a side note – Rhonda Rady is a veterinary assistant in Hayward at Dr. Abby’s animal clinic. Dr. Abby is the daughter of former resident elk biologist Laine Stowell.)

Time to wish all those celebrating birthdays in November a very happy day!

They are:

November 1st – Kathy (McCorsion) Arias
November 2nd – Richard Reukema
November 5th – Brent McFadden
November 6th – Patti Renzelmann
Novermber 9th – Allissa Ward and Cindy Buryanek
November 10th – Cody Feckner
November 11th – Ace Griffaw
November 16th – Kate Alden and Caleb Melcher
November 17th – Becca Biasi and Logan Pioerer (turning one year old)
November 18th – Kari Jo Ford
November 19th – Jessica Eder
November 21st – Tom Biasi and Kris Guthman
November 28th – Mary Schier and Ron Miller
November 30th – Hudson Gerhardt

The only couple celebrating a wedding anniversary in November are Karen and Greg Schauer on November 30th. We hope they have a great time celebrating their special day.

Until next week….

Pictured are Rhonda Rady and Lea Justice at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and Rhonda Rady cuddling kitties at Cat World.