Clam Lake News & Events

Awe, Fall is here! The roadside are all brown, the leaves are turning “quickly”, the leaves are falling and the Elk are bugling!  Awe, Fall is here!

Last weekend Joan Griffaw and I took in Hayward Fall Fest, Cher, Len and Joy took in Cable’s Fall Fest and by all accounts everybody had a great time. Pat Dudley and her daughter Kim took part in the Elk Country Atv Club’s ride along with the following fellow riders, Rick, Kriss and Wayne Guthman, Don and Julie took the trail to Loretta and had a great meal at Wendy & Joe’s…. If you don’t have that “lucky ticket” for the Elk Country Atv Club’s January Raffle all of the local watering holes have them for you to pick up the next time you are in town…..

The Stone Lake Cranberry Fest is being held this year on Saturday October 1st then the following weekend the Bayfield Applefest will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday October 7-9. It’s a lot of fun to attend these events. So, ENJOY!

The next Clam Lake Community Potluck Dinner will be held on Thursday, October 14th at 5pm. There will be a meeting first, then dinner and then bingo…. It’s a way to catch up on community happenings and chat with community members…

These meetings and dinners are open to all the residents of Clam Lake. If you would like more info on the meetings or community happenings you can check the website at  (

Get out there and enjoy the changes around you, they’ll be gone soon enough. So, until next time,,,,be kind and ENJOY!!