Clam Lake News & Events

Happy Sunday! What a beautiful day it is!! The sun is shining and it reached 75 degrees! What a good day to do outside chores… I’m glad it’s a day like today, we chose to have our coffee on the deck today and watch the boats on the lake. I don’t think they saw us but, they seemed to be having a great time fishing!

Recently, David Holter from Seattle visited his sister Lynne Rice. David took in a Potluck Dinner/meeting and then the two took a quick trip to visit Anna….They both had a great time…It was nice to see David home again!

I would like to wish a happy 21st anniversary to my daughter Tawnya and her husband Brian! It seems like just yesterday that they got married. Happy 21st Anniversary!!

Here’s the October Birthday’s:
10/04 Kali Jo Ford, Paul Eickermann
10/06 Tammi Eder
10/07 Al VanCamp
10/09 Laura Cornell
10/11 Margaret Schier
10/13 Dave Scherschel (Buzzard)
10/16 Barb Schaefer
10/18 Faith Hulstrom
10/19 Tawnya Hulstrom
10/22 Randy Roquemore, Liam Sweringen
10/26 Freddie Hodgeman Jr., Teri Steffen
10/29 Lynne Rice
10/31 Lance Hollister

Anniversary Wishes go out to:
10/21 Carl & Jean Kubley
10/29 Bob & Georgie Fanella

No matter what you are celebrating we hope it’s HAPPY!!
Get out there and enjoy Nature’s changes!

Until next time…..Be Kind!!