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Hello Clam Lake!

Last week we seemed to go from summer to Fall. The week started off with warm temps but, by the end we were lucky if we hit 70 degrees. We got a bit of rain here and there but, not enough to really make a dent in our dry summer. Beimdicke Pond on Clam Lake Road looks more like Beimdicke mud flat. Usually one sees ducks and and turtles in the old pond but, not this year.

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN: If you step outside in the early morning or evening chances are you’ll hear the high pitched bugle of the bull elk as he calls out across the mighty Chequamegon to attract the ladies. A sure sign of Fall beginning as these majestic animals begin their mating ritual. Always great to hear! We wish them well as they search for that special someone.

MEETING REMINDER: The Clam Lake Community Club will be holding their monthly meeting and Pot Luck on Thursday, September 9th beginning at 5:00 pm. Come enjoy time spent with neighbors and friends or, if a new resident, to acclimate yourself to the community. Come for the Pot Luck and stay for the fun. We welcome all! Hope to see you there.

FALL HUNTING SEASONS – THE COUNTDOWN IS ON: As September sets in we begin to think about the hunts that will get underway for another year. Archery and crossbow season begins on September 18th as does grouse season. I think many hunters enjoy being outside taking crisp walks through the woods as the leaves begin to change. Several trravel up from other areas for this yearly activity populating our village rentals and motels as well as the local businesses. Busy time for of year for our little burg! We wish them all good luck and safety as they head into the woods to look for the elusive partridge or deer.

EVENT REMINDER: Clam Lake will be holding their first ever Fall Elk Fest on Saturday September 25th. This event promises to have something for everyone. For more information check out the signs posted in various businesses or go to for updates.

HISTORY MOMENT – THE CLAM LAKE SCHOOL: As another school year gets underway it brings to mind shared memories of the “once upon a time” Clam Lake School. Clam Lake’s one room school ran from 1929 till 1942. Both Ruth Stuebe, whom was among some of the first students and Dodo (Rast) Dumanch, whom was part of the last group, shared memories of the school. Here’s what Dodo had to say: “We went up a set of steps that led to a very narrow hallway which had hooks on either side to hang jackets. Beyond that was a door that opened into the main room which had a big old furnace (wood stove) to the right upon entering. There were small desks on the left for the first graders with larger desks on the right for older students. (As with most one room schools, the older children often assisted in the teaching of the younger children.) All the desks faced the front where the teacher sat. There was a blackboard and roll down maps.” She remembered the exterior being white or cream colored. There were two outhouses – one for boys, one for girls which Ruth remembers the kids climbing and jumping off of to amuse themselves. Eventaully, a playground was added with swings and a seesaw. After the school closed the local children would still go there to play on the swings which were eventually moved to a  home on Upper Clam. They were also known to sneak into the abandoned school to play on occasion.


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Captured on a Snapshot camera are a pair of bull elk as they spar during bugling season. Photo courtesy of Chris Frasch.

Clam Lake, WI Elk