Community Club Meetings & Minutes

Meeting called to order by Bill MacLeod at 5:12 pm with the pledge of allegiance. In attendance: Bud Rubeck, President & Julie, Ace Griffaw, Vice President & Joan, Bill MacLeod, Secretary/Treasurer, Lyyne Rice, Tom Dezotell, Carl & Jean Kubley, Jerry & Lea Justice, Brian Bowman & Jan Sharp, Dan Rein, Bob & Cindy Buryanek & Don

Minutes of the September 14th meeting were waived by a motion from Lea Justice and seconded by Jan Sharp. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report of September 14th:
Checking account balance September 14, 2017 $ 3,809.26
Camp Fire Island $. 50.00
Roof Fund $ 3,260.00
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (thru 9/30/18) $. 35.00
Lumber Yard Plus $ 2,979.46
Andry Rasmussen & Sons $. 392.14

Checking account balance October 12, 2017 $ 3,712.66

Scholarship Fund $ 9,407.98
+. 1,000.00 Dumholt
– 500.00 Pankratz
+. .45 interest $ 9,908.43

Motion to accept the report by Bob Buryanek seconded by Joan Griffaw. Motion carried.

Old Business:
There were no out reach cards sent out this past month.
Lynne updated attendees on the ongoing Glidden Historical Society project.
Roof project completed. A full report will be presented once the fund drive is completed.
Bill is still working on an update for the Clubhouse Use Agreement. An outline will be discussed at the November meeting.

New Business:
The 2018 fireworks will be held on Saturday, July 7th. The 4th falls on a Wednesday.

Lynne presented interesting history on the ham dinners served by the club years ago. They served up to 500 people one year. Hard to imagine doing that today.

There being no new or further business to conduct it was moved by Cindy Buryanek to adjourn and seconded by Lea Justice at 5:35 pm. Motion carried. Respectfully submitted by Bill MacLeod, Secretary/Treasurer.