Clam Lake News & Events

We start out on a sad note this week as we all learn of the passing of Don Eder. Our Sincerest Sympathies to his wife Jane and his children Brian, LeAnn, Laurie, Jill, Jackie, Tammy, Tommy and Joel. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time… The service will be held on October 22, Visitation will be held at 10am, Service will be held at 11am at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Glidden. Donny will be laid to rest in Clam Lake…
We all would like to send our thoughts and prayers to Bud Rubeck as he has recently become a hospital patient in Duluth. you can track Bud’s progress on Caring Bridge.. The latest update is that Bud has started to show his great sense of humor and for that we are very thankful….
I recently got a wildlife update from Cher Cofrin and her Mom Joy. It appears that there is a white pelican on Upper Clam Lake. It has been sited several times swimming in the lake. We all hope the very confused bird returns to it’s natural habitat soon. Also, Cher and Joy have enjoyed several elk sightings on their walks. It’s so awesome to see the majestic animals every sighting is a treat….
The Francois household has grown by one this week as John and Beth are gladly watching Callie. The precious pup is the companion of their son Matt. Matt recently spent a few days at the family cabin… John and Beth also enjoyed a visit from a longtime family friend Terry Dorschner from Boston. Terry enjoyed his trip to the Northwood’s….
Last Saturday the place to be if you like country music was the Clam Lake Community Clubhouse as Pat Dudley hosted a family and friend get- together. A big KUDOS to Janie Marie from Nevis, MN as she provided the music and was fantastic. Several people hit the dance floor and much to our delight Kish sure cut a rug… It was a great time! Thank you Pat!
This Sunday morning the mercury was at 31 degrees! WOW, that was a little chilly but, it warmed up to 52 degrees… That was a lot better… Fall is here and we all know what’s not so far behind… Let’s all hope that this nice weather last well into November….

Until next time..enjoy the sunshine and be kind!