Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Ahhh….spring! (maybe) The peepers are out in full force singing their spring song as are the popple fuzzies. Alas, the remaining snow banks remain defiant and the snow flakes continue to want to fall.

The village is busy preparing for the fishing opener this coming weekend. The Junction is full to bursting with product awaiting eager fishermen. Vendors are around town at the various businesses stocking everyone up. Before we know it everything will be busy, busy once again.

NOTICE: There will be a clean-up day at St. George’s Chapel on Monday, May 6th at 10:00 am. This event comes with it’s share of elbow grease and giggles. Please plan to participate if you can. If you have cleaning supplies feel free to bring them. Hope to see you there!

REMINDER: The next Community Club Meeting/Pot Luck/Bingo is Thursday May 9th starting at five. Come for the Pot Luck, stay for the fun!

The Friday Coffee Clutch at the Elkhorn saw all three of our counties represented with supervisors from the Town of Gordon and Namakagon present along with the road crew from the Town of Spider Lake. They had some lively discussions regarding current road conditions.

The Elkhorn’s annual Elk Fest was a resounding success according to Connie Wiener who is employed there. She said it was well attended with everyone having a good time between the raffles and shed measuring.

I saw Tim Carter of Crystal Cove Lodge on Upper Clam on Friday.He was happy to relate that he was up north with all of his brothers for the first time. There are five Carter boys. I’m sure they had a great time!

I also had a chance to catch up with Nancy Hawkins. She hails from Lawrence, Kansas where she taught music at the University of Kansas – Home of the Jayhawks. Her musical specialty was the pipe organ. Nancy enjoys winter, so she and her dog Gus, venture north during that season to house/pet sit for those of us that would like a break from the snow and cold. She has been in our area since late January taking delight in the intense cold of the polar vortex and our heaps of snow. This is her third year wintering in Clam. Since spring is finally here she will be leaving us soon. As they say….until next year!

Diz called to tell me that Ed Fleisner of the Menomonee Falls Deer Slayers gang was up for four days. While here, him and Diz, went to Copper Falls to view the surging water.. It was quite impressive by all accounts!

Living in the woods, as I do, I often find myself like a creature in a zoo to my animal neighbors. As I sat working on my computer this past week, I felt eyes on me. Looking out the window there was a deer not a foot from the glass intently staring back at me. I have no idea how long it was there. It continued to watch me for a while as I typed, then wandered off. Glad I was able to provide a few minutes of entertainment.

Oh…before I forget! My recently returned Loon says, “Hi!”

Until next week……

Pictured is Nancy Hawkins playing piano at the Community Club.