Clam Lake News & Events

Good Sunday Evening Readers….

This week the weather- people are predicting some much needed rain for Monday and Tuesday..I hope we got it! I know some people just love these “dog-days” of summer but, I like the cooler nights for sleeping… I heard my first Elk bugle last week as I lay my head on the pillow about 10:30pm.. It sure was an awesome and welcomed sound..

If you missed the Public Informational Talk “Clam Lake Elk Herd Past, Present and Future” you really missed out on a lot of great information given by Laine Stowell and Josh Spiegel.. The “elk year” is from calf birth to calf birth the next spring or May to May…Causes of death for elk could be in any year: 43 percent wolves, 15 percent vehicles, 10 percent bears, 32 percent other (ie; drownings, starvation,etc.)… In 2018 “pre-calving” the herd is somewhere around 180-187….”post-calving” that # is expected to rise to 220-230.. They captured and collared 70 elk this year of those 70, 26 have GPS trackers. This 2018 Elk Season will run 10/13/18 to 11/11/18 12/13/18 to 12/21/18 You must take the 9/6/18 class and a bull with 6″ or more of antler may be taken.. You MUST also, REGISTER YOUR ELK..Check with your local DNR for more info…there were some awesome slides to go along with the presentation..If You didn’t attend.. you missed out on some great info….we’ll have to have Laine back after the hunt and let us know how it went…

The Clam Lake Forest Riders Snowmobile Club and Ransom’s Place Would like to invite you to their August “Meat Raffle”.. Saturday, August 25th from 3-5pm at Ransom’s Place (formerly Deb’s) on Hwy 77..Downtown Clam Lake.. Meat packages are from the Sixth Street Market in Ashland.. All proceeds go to our groomers, grooming Trail 9A and maintaining the Groomer’s shed..So, If you like to spend a Saturday afternoon having a lot of fun and put some meat in the freezer to boot, then head on down to Ransom’s Place..On August 25th, Saturday…

Rick Guthman and the Clam Lake Elk Country ATV Club would like to THANK all the Businesses who supported club during their recent “Brat Feed” and to the Volunteers who helped out for the day… and to all of YOU who came out and ate those brats, beans, potato salad…and Congrats to Jim Parker who won 1st Prize in the Poker run with a 4/9’s!!

Next Week September Birthday’s..

Until then…Be Kind!