Clam Lake News & Events

Good Monday Morning Readers!

It’s about 7:45am this Monday morning and the mercury is at 56 degrees, that’s pretty cool since they are predicting that it will be 82 degrees today..and 84 degrees on Tuesday with 60 percent chance of showers..Which means it’s going to be very humid! I don’t really mind the temps in the 80’s but, it’s the humidity that gets you, you just can’t breath.. Maybe the weather people got it wrong.. and it won’t rain at all..

Last Thursday the monthly potluck dinner was held. There was plenty of food to go around and great conversation was freely flowing and then there was a few games of “hi-stakes” bingo.. It seems no matter how many how many people are there we always seem to have a great time.. The next potluck is on Thursday, August 10th at 5pm so, come join us..and if you don’t have a dish to pass that’s okay too…come anyway. There’s always plenty of food..

The Elk Country ATV Club took a ride last Saturday to Wren Falls, which is off Hwy 77 towards Ironwood, Michigan. They packed a picnic lunch and although the trails were very dusty they all had a great time.. If you are interested in going on a club ride, it’s easy, you need to call Rick Guthman and join the club and it’s all easy from there! They always have a great time together and it’s a blast!

Deb’s will hold her next “meat Raffle” on Saturday July 29th from 3pm-5pm.. So, mark that date down and head to Deb’s it’s a good chance to put some meat in your freezer and have a great time…

Along our travels to and from Hayward we’ve been seeing alot of fowl with little ones..Sandhill Cranes with their young who are called colts ( I looked it up on Google) have been seen along Hwy 77…There are 2 pair each with 3-4 colts…Then there are the wild Turkeys (Jenny’s) with their young who are called poult or chicks at 3-4 per Jenny along Hwy 77. They are right in the ditch of the road so, if you see them PLEASE slow down so you don’t hit them…

As we are in for a very warm week…stay cool!

Until next time…Be Kind!!