Clam Lake News & Events

Hello Clam Lake!

Our weather turned very fall like as we awoke to frost on the pumpkin towards the end of the week. With that nip in the air we are reminded of what is to come. Overall, it was a nice week with sunny skies although we did have a bit of much needed rain here and there.

MEETING UPDATE: The Clam Lake Community Club held their monthly meeting on Thursday, October 14th with 28 people attending. Bud gave a report on the completion of the various projects that were slated for October. These included new flooring having been installed in the kitchen and bathrooms along with new kitchen lights and handicap railings put in the bathrooms. The outhouses that sat in the back yard were removed and leveled as were the flowerbeds in the front of the Clubhouse. It’s all looking great and we wish to thank all those that worked on these updates to our clubhouse and grounds. A special thank you goes out to Travis Wold for the donation of a dumpster and Mike Dunlavy, who donated his equipment and labor, for these projects. It was also reported, as new business, that Ace Griffaw had just received a haircut. To prove the point he removed his cap so we could all view the results. Congrats to him on that! Very nice. After the meeting it was onto the Pot Luck and Bingo. Kathy Arias’ table seemed to be the place to be as her cousins Helen and Vickie from Menomonie had winning cards as did Ben Brown. We learned that although Ace’s warranty had expired, he had decided to pay up so that he was good for Bingo calling for another few months. Whew! Talk about saved by the bell! Kathy Allen was the lucky winner of the door prize with Ben Brown winning the Fill Your Card Bingo. A good time was had by all!

PACKER BEARS FRIENDS: On the October 17th Bears/Packer faced off at Soldier Field, Lyn Hartl of the Clam Lake Junction, took his friend Don Castro (82 – of Clam Lake) with him to the game. Lyn is a die hard Packer fan with Don being a die hard Bears fan. Putting team alliances aside Lyn sat with Don on the Bears side and happily watched as Don cheered and did a victory dance each and every time the Bears scored a touch down or did something positive for their team. Every video I saw of Don he was all smiles even though his team did not win. To honor the Pack, they made a stop in Green Bay to visit Lambeau and tour the Hall of Fame. Don said he enjoyed that too! What a great time they had!

MORE JUNCTION UPDATES: The Clam Lake Junction is now sporting a recently installed diesel truck island. We thank Lyn Hartl for all the upgrades he has accomplished to our “one stop shop” in Clam. Lookin’ good!

It’s time to wish all those celebrating birthdays in November a very Happy Day! They are:

November 1st – Kathy (McCorison) Arias

November 2nd – Richard Reukema

November 5th – Brent McFadden

November 6th – Patti Renzelmann

November 9th – Allissa Ward and Cindy Buryanek

November 10th – Cody Feckner

November 11th – Ace Griffaw

November 16th – Kate Alden and Caleb Melcher

November 17th – Becca Biasi

November 18th  – Kari Jo Ford

November 19th – Jessica Eder

November 21st – Tom Biasi and Kris Guthman

November 28th – Mary Schier and Ron Miller

November 30th – Hudson William Gerhardt

HALLOWEEN SPIRIT: Once again the Filter family have been busy “getting their spook on” with the many Halloween decorations that adorn their yard. A big thank you goes out to them for bringing a smile to our faces as we pass by. Looks great!

Until next week….Happy Halloween to one and all!!!

Pictured is Lyn Hartl and Don Castro awaiting the start of the Packer/Bears game and the Filter residence in full Halloween regalia.

Clam Lake, WI Halloween Decorated House